Writing Is Open To Interpetation

Seventy-five degrees today…and the fish are jumping… Everyone that can be out…is out. Myol just spent the better part of an hour with me on the Writing Porch…and he yawned so many times that I deducted that he was very tired. The Writing Porch is a brand new world for Mylo…

I received a lengthy comment from a follower early this morning that extolled me that anyone who does not realize that Russia is essential to the peace of Europe has their head up their arse… I could not agree more and the present war in Ukraine is a prime example of this fact. However…what is the answer to the present distress…shall Ukraine roll over and play dead and invite Putin to take their country? What if Putin decided to take his country by violence and the killing of untold civilians that including women and children? Perhaps when our nations’ Civil War was fought President Lincoln should have acquiesced and let the South secede from the Union? I am certain that Russia is not only a fascinating country and a lovely nation that is full of wonderful people…that I have on my Bucket List to visit. The perverted megalomaniac actions of a psychotic leader are not indicative of the people that he or she is leading.

One of my favorite University courses was Literature Interpretation. I discovered that two people can read the same piece of literature and come up with two completely different interpretations of the narrative and the author’s intent of the message. Certainly, I am sure that is true with my mediocre scribblings. I took a valuable lesson during the United States’ last Presidential Administration. I have never disagreed so vehemently with friends and family… Yet I respect their point of view and have endeavored to analyze where that opinion comes from. The difference of interpretation of political or religious events does not bother me in the least…until what I am observing is obviously hurting and maiming and killing innocent people.

Blogs and writing and thought are the marketplaces of ideas. Democracies are great because they respect free speech. I have the right to be wrong in my writings and opinions and thought…and you have that same right. My political leanings and religious convictions have changed remarkably since my youth. The utter happiness and contentment of being able to utter my truth and speak my convictions are worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

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