Cold Wind

Chilly winds are blowing through the Writing Porch this afternoon. Yesterday Mylo accompanied me while I wrote a blog. He enjoys the WR… The chilly breeze makes me think of the Cold Wind that has blown across our world in a week. What many believed was Brinksmanship and that there was an imaginary line that the Bear of Russia would not cross…have been forced to reassess their political science. Not only has Putin declared full-out war on Ukraine but he has developed a plethora of lies to support his war crime incursion into a free and sovereign nation.

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As the West levies sanction after sanction on Russia for the unlawful conduct of bombing and killing and maiming innocent Ukrainians…including women and children the elderly and the infirm…we are witnessing a change in the face of Europe and a wave of change across our globe. We all say that we support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters…and what will we say when they are defeated? How will our world be different…then. Well…we will say that they were not in NATO…but they have petitioned to be admitted to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for years.

The Europen Union was the answer they will cry Ukraine is no more…but they only agreed to receive their application this week for membership… My friend and my family’s friend, Helen from Chicago, told my mother after she and my dad divorced that she was going to purchase me a bicycle and ship it to our new home in Eldorado. I am still waiting…

Heroism is remembered…it is memorialized…it is eulogized… General Dwight Eisenhower compelled the Germans who had watched as the Jews were rounded up and packed into cattle cars and driven for days without food or water…to concentration camps…to physically come to the concentration camps to personally bear witness to what their Fuhrer had done. These poor wonderful people had done nothing wrong except for the leader of Nazi Germany having a fever dream and a psychotic vision of their death. They were worked and starved and beaten and then they were gassed to death and burned in Hitler Creamotoriums. The Germans bowed their heads and said that they did not know…

We say…’Not Us!,’ we would not have stood idly by and watched the wholesale destruction of innocent people…because a political leader had a psychotic dream and was unhinged from reality… Not Us!

Warm we are today…and thinking about what we will enjoy for supper…and glad for the blessing of God that we are not like those poor…Ukrainians… God is watching us…

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