Amazing Life

Today I did the first laps of my walking at Sams. It was time for our monthly visit and the weather is spring-like and the people that we met are happy. We saw our good friend, Lisa, and had a nice visit with her. We purchased some smoked salmon…which is an unusual occurrence for us…and I am anticipating the pleasures of it tremendously. As we visited with Lisa we all reflected on her late husband, Ira, who was a joy to everyone that he encountered. Every time that I spoke to Ira…I was the better for it and I felt encouraged and strengthened. If Ira had a bad day you never knew it. He worked in the Grounds Department for the majority of his University career and everyone loved him.

Mylo has taken to accompanying me for my time on the Writing Porch. He has on his Tartan Jacket and he cuts quite a little figure. ‘and I wish the girls would leave him alone until he gets a little bigger.’ Last night I saw him making love to his little bed…or as Jonathon says…’They grow up so quick.’

MJ becomes a Deacon once again in our church this Sunday. She is the shining star in our family and I am the dim bulb… Anything that she does she gives her whole might and focus. I am happy that she has agreed to serve another term as a Deacon.

Where is 2022 going? It is March and it seems that it should be New Year’s Day. The face-mask mandate for Illinois has been lifted…but I wonder if the lifting is premature? Covid is not gone…there is a new variant and there will be many more coming down the road. Nevertheless, we all need as much goodwill and love and care as is possible to receive. We have been through Hell. Sorrow has been our constant companion. LIfes’ challenges have been compounded and magnified by our Pandemic and now the war in Europe. We need a friend…we need a buddy…we need someone to understand how hard our lives have been and how sad we have been for some time.

Friends without agendas are what we need. Someone who will hang out with us on the Writing Porch…and we both…Chill…and enjoy the company of each other.

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