Sunday Satisfaction

This morning we attended church in our church building. It was a wonderful experience. It was so good to see our friends and to feel their warmth of spirit. Pastor Kerry preached an uplifting effervescent sermon that has begun my week in the right place. His ever-present humor and good nature make his sermons ever the more so…outstanding. I saw my buddy Jim C. today…and it made my day!

The mystery of why attend church was crystal clear to me this morning…it makes you feel better and centers you in your attempt to walk with Christ. Your fellowship with your fellow congregants is the key to success in the Christian life. The road may appear to be rocky and all uphill until you compare notes with your church family…and then you understand the providence of God.

The struggle is our foray into this life. All of us battle the walls of our minds and our hearts. We, humans, are complex creations. We battle with being self-serving and philanthropy. We lay siege with jealousy and humility. We are prideful and then we are victims of our abject poverty of spirit. We want our good deeds recognized and we want our benevolence to go unnoticed. We have a plethora of motivations doing battle in our conscience and unconscientious and in our dream world…but we seek to know The Creator…

We must do more for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We will either help them now or pay the ultimate price later…as a madman overruns an innocent people and seeks to expand his fever dream of domination.

I snapped some photos this morning of once fine university buildings that have been given over to decay and neglect. The sadness of the human blind eye to these once nice office and fraternity and sorority houses is indicative of turning our backs on our fellow humans who are in desperate need of our help…

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