We Are Fooled Easily

Inventing Anna is a Netflix nine-part series about a Russian woman portraying a German heiress. Anna Sorokin claimed to be Anna Delvey. She convinced the rich and powerful that she was a German heiress and bilked luxury hotels and planted herself in New York society as she attempts to start a club for artists…The Ana Delvey Foundation. She formulated an accent that was impossible to trace. It is fascinating to watch a true con artist tell just enough truth..among her many lies…to convince wealthy entrepreneurs and educated people. We believe what we want to believe.

Certain Political Figures would have us believe that they have risen by their profound financial acumen and mental abilities…and that they are a straight talker that represents what is best for our country. Many religious leaders cajole us to accept what they tell us…on faith. However, the faith that they tell us to accept is to take their word for it… Russian leader, Vladimir Putin says that he is on a quest to join Ukraine with Russia for the benefit of the Russian people…but he will not let the Russian people see or read or know the genocide that he is performing in Ukraine. He says that he will jail anyone saying something different than what he approves about the current war…that he will jail them for 15 years…while our former President says that Putin is a great leader and ‘savvy.’

The hypothesis regarding truth is our stock in trade. Our environment and our mental formulation of events cause us to look for things that support our beliefs. I have seen ministers take scripture and tie disparate passages together to prove their doctrinal point of view…when in fact the scripture was in no way related to each other.

Conspiracies are supported by our desire to believe them. Grifter and con-women and con-men are the direct results of our quest to ascertain what is on the other side of the Looking Glass…and what makes the Cheshire Cat smile so broadly…

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