An Eldorado…Good Friday

Billy B. was excited about today being Good Friday. Neva J. had told him of the significance of the day and he was a bit overwhelmed. He had recently watched the Cecille B. DeMille film, The Ten Commandments with the famous actor Charlton Heston portraying Moses. Billy B. was so fascinated by the miracles that God performed through the Shepherds Staff that Moses carried with him each time that he confronted Pharoh. Billy B. discovered a long stick that somewhat resembled Moses Staff. He carried it with him all over Eldorado.

Hillcrest Grade School was on holiday in observance of Good Friday. Prior to the holiday, on Thursday, there had been an Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Bunny was the master of ceremonies. Chet had won the Contest by finding the most pastel-colored eggs. Jane had come in a strong second place…but she had spent half of her searching time assisting Chet…who had a weak vision. Daryl and his dad, The Wiz, both were laughing heartily when someone asked them who was dressed like EB. The Wiz replied, ‘Why do you ask…EB is himself…and I brought him here today to make the festivities more enjoyable.’ Beside EB was Peter Rabbit. Peter suggested to Billy B. that Easter would never be complete without a Magical Journey. When Billy B. asked, ‘Where shall we go…and can I take my Staff with me?’ PR said that of course, he could take his Moses Staff with him and that the easiest way to travel was to follow him down his favorite Rabbit Hole. Then…with a wink and a nod…down the Rabbit Hole went PR, leading the way, and Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Daryl and The Wiz.

Suddenly the intrepid travelers were in a large crowd of angry people. Many cried, ‘Crucify Him!, and then they saw a poor man walk by…who was almost bent double with the weight of the cross that he bore on his back. His head had a hat made of thorns and the blood from the many wounds ran down his face and clouded his eyes. A kind man from the crowd stepped forward and said that he would carry the heavy cross…and Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Daryl and The Wiz…joined him and grabbed hold of it on either side to help lift the terrible burden… The horrendously injured man looked up at them…and smiled the most loving smile that any of them had ever seen…

‘Grandma…could you tell me more about the Crucifixion,’ asked Billy B.?

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