Faith Or Religion

Easter is almost here. I told Mylo that we were going to get him an Easter Basket. He looked at me as if he understood… It is a chilly Holy Saturday. I remember more cool Easters than warm ones. The campus was alive with the beautiful blooming trees of spring. Also, there were many young and some who were not so young attendees of the Comic-Con that is being held in the Student Center today. I saw all manner of superheroes and goblins. The crowd had smiles from ear to ear as they admired each other’s costumes.

Easter was a mixture of elements to me as a youngster growing up in Eldorado. I completely enjoyed receiving an Easter Basket each year. I was amazed that so many good and exciting things could be contained in one basket. Hunting Easter Eggs was fun…although I was never very good at it…I enjoyed trying. There was an Easter movie at the Orpheum Theatre and one of the most enjoyable that I saw was The Ten Commandments. Charlton Hestons’ portrayal of Moses was compelling. The movie placed an affection for the Hebrew people in my heart. Watching the vivid Technicolor majesty of the extrication of the Hebrews from Pharoh’s cruel slavery of them…was inspiring. I considered that I would want to follow such a God as the miracle worker of the Old Testament. After all…Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea parted…

The wonderfully illustrated Bible Story Books that I read…primarily in doctor’s offices…had the most lovely pictures of Easter and the Resurrection of Christ. When I read the story and looked at the photos…I felt at peace. Faith has been a part of my life for 53 of my 64 years. I am a bit private regarding my faith…I have always believed that a person’s faith should be seen… Recently a good friend told MJ and me that he had not known any ‘very religious people.’ We later deduced that he meant he did not know any outwardly verbal proclaimers of the beauty of the Christian life.

Christ made the terrible walk to Calvary’s Hill. He suffered and bled and wore thorns for a crown. He was mocked…and he died…’Jesus ‘cried with a loud voice’ right before he died ‘And the Centurian…saw that he so cried out [with a loud voice] he said, ‘Truly this man was the Son of God.’

Christianity is a daily life event. It brings peace. It provides a new perspective on daily struggles and joys. It brings hope for tomorrow…and love for all of Gods’ Creatures… Faith is a bit like a new set of clothes. Some wear it easily…while others feel the need to demand that you wear the same clothes as they are…

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  1. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family BJ. Have a great easter weekend egg hunting!

    1. A blessed Easter to you, my friend. πŸ£πŸ‡

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