May Dreams

‘May is just in front of us,’ said Billy B. Chet asked if it was still too cold to go swimming at Pounds Hollow…and Billy B. replied that it did not open until Memorial Day. Jane announced that she had purchased a new swimsuit and that she could not wait to wear it to the sandy beach of the Hollow. It was April 25th of 1964 and the three friends along with Daryl and his dad, The Wiz, were working daily on attempting to solve the mystery of the JFK Assasinatohn that had shocked the world just last November. Billy B. could vividly remember sitting on his living room sectional couch and watching Jack Ruby come into the television’s camera view and see Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV. He knew there and then that there was more to the story than what the news was reporting. President Kennedy had been an icon in his home and the homes of most of his and Neva J.s; friends. He was doing so many good things like the creation of the Peace Corps and Civil Rights…and it was said that he would have us out of Vietnam in a year or less. The Wiz told the group that the assassination of the President had been a conspiracy and that he could prove it.

Chet and Carol, his dad, had been in Dallas, just in front of the School Book Depository when the shots rang out. Chet said that the sound of the gunfire and the subsequent smoke had come from the Grassy Knoll and that he would swear that Lee Harvey Oswald was standing next to him when Kennedy’s head exploded. Carol had called the Dallas Police Department and they told him that they would get back to him…but when he said that his son, who was in the first grade had seen Oswald standing next to him in front of the Depository at the time of the assassination…they seemed bemused.

‘We must return to the scene of the crime,’ said the Wiz. ‘And how will we do that,’ asked Jane. ‘Why we will use Neva J.s’ Magic Mirror,’ laughed Chet. And so they did…and Billy B. and Neva J. and Chet and Daryl and Jane and The Wiz..walked on to the busy Dallas street in front of the School Book Depository…two minutes before the first gunshot. There was Lee Harvey Oswald drinking a Coca-Cola and watching the street. Chet grabbed him by his arm and said, ‘Do you know that President Kennedy is about to be assassinated…and that you are going to be blamed?’ Oswald’s eyes became as wide as Silver Dollars and he said that he had thought that the plan was canceled and that he must stop them. About that time the Presenditial Limousine turned the corner and began to come down the street in front of the Depository…and Oswald ran out in front of the Limo and was tackled by a Secret Service Officer…as Officer Clint Hill jumped upon the President and First Lady…and shots rang out…and the car sped toward the hospital…

‘Chet…Chet…would you read aloud next please,’ said Mrs. K. ‘Chet…wake up…you have dozed off,’ Billy B. exhorted him.

‘Don’t forget…children…President Kennedy is coming to Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale on May 1st…and we are taking several school buses to see the President and the First Lady…

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