Begin Again

The leaves around Campus are blooming. The flowers are resplendent in their spring glory. The songs of the birds have that spring warble. Life is renewing and beginning again. When Old Man Winter comes knocking on our door…we are a bit sad to see the seeming death of our beloved plants and flowers and leaves. Our grass turns from vibrant forest green to a burnt tan and brown and withers and seemingly dies. We feel the cold winter’s breath and break off an ice cycle and slide on the ice rink of nature. We hope for renewal and another chance and one more bite at the apple… Christmastide brings us the birth of the Christ Child and the hope of salvation…but we wonder if we will live to experience the renewal of the resurrection…

Life is a circle. There is no beginning and no end. We are watching an Amazon Series called Outer Range with Josh Brolin and Lilly Thomas. Josh Brolins’ character discovers a large black hole in his west pasture. When he throws something in it…he does not hear or see it hit bottom. He later is pushed into the black hole and is found at the top of the hole…unhurt…the next morning. Early on in the series, he remembers his time in the black hole and when his wife meets him in the Hole and tells him that he has been dead for two years. Time is an interesting and mysterious subject. Is it linear as we experience it…or is it circular…and all events of our lives are occurring…concurrently…

Control is what we want. We seek to dictate the paths of our lives in totality. We want to measure our success by our monetary value. We hope to be recognized for our sublime skills in the arena of life…and we worry about the outcome: ‘And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the Lillies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin.’ Matthew 6:28. KJV

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Today is the day to spring forth with new life and vitality and vigor and determination to live the gift that The Creator has given you…to help your fellow members of the Human Family on our shared journey back to Jerusalem…

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