Hidden Faith

It was another lovely day on West Street in Eldorado. Billy B. had been ill with another bout of bronchitis and had visited Dr. Ferrel Hospital at the hospital that was named after him. Billy B. loved to read the Bible Story Books that were in the waiting room at Ferrel Hospital. Dr. Ferrel was a nice man with a smart mustache and a good bedside manner. Billy B. had spent time in Ferrel Hospital when he had pneumonia. Billy B. had always admired the peace and calm demeanor of friends and neighbors that he knew who were Christians.

Chet and Billy B. and Jane and Daryl…often spoke of the stories of the Old Testament and of Christ. The times of the Bible were fascinating to them and after watching The Ten Commandments with the famous actor, Charlton Heston, in the role of Moses…they were intrigued with the power that the God of the Hebrews had at his command. Billy B. found a big stick that was relatively straight and thus he began using it as a Walking Stick and believed in his heart that he was carrying a Staff such as Moses did in the great movie. Billy B. had what was called a Trundle Bed in his bedroom in the little red house on West Street and one night Chet stayed over. Billy B. slept on the top bed and Chet slept on the bottom bed which rolled out from underneath the top bed. Daryl and Jane were at Billy B.s’ during the evening and they had decided to put on a Play of the Ten Commandments movie…that they all admired. Chet would portray Aaron, Moses’ assistant, and Jane would be Moses’ sister…while Daryl would be Pharoh. The Play would be performed at Hillcrest School and it would be as a fundraiser for their favorite teacher, Mrs. K, who was ill. Jane said, ‘Let’s make the proceeds of the Play be for not only Mrs. K…but also Mrs. B…who is now in a wheelchair and not doing well.’ They all agreed and the performance was set for Good Friday.

Good Friday had arrived and the mimeographed advertisements had been placed all over town. The Schools’ auditorium was full as Mrs. K and Mrs. B. were beloved teachers in Eldorado. Billy B.s’ costume had been made by Neva J. and Thelma had assisted in the sewing of the other Middle Eastern Clothing. Billy B. reflected on the simple faith that he had learned in the Bible Story Books at Ferrel Hospital and the stirring of his heart while watching Moses part the Red Sea… Neva J. had a small role in the performance as Mrs. K and Thelma played Mrs. B. and Daryl had even obtained a wheelchair for Thelma to sit in. At the conclusion of the elite production and after the very professional bows of the young Theatre Troupe…Jane walked to the microphone and requested that each person in the large audience…pray for Mrs. K and Mrs.B….that they would be healed…

‘If you have the faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to there,’ and it will move. ‘Nothing will be impossible for you,’ said Mrs. B. the next morning when she called Billy B. to tell him that she had taken a few steps and felt remarkably better.

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