Memorial Day was fast approaching. This was a Red Letter Day on Billy B.s’ calendar as it was the opening of the Pounds Hollow swimming area. Pounds Hollow was the primary activity along with movies at the Orpheum Theatre…with at least a weekly visit to the Starlight Drive-In…from Memorial Day until Labor Day when Pounds Hollow closed. Neva J. loved swimming even more than Billy B. She was not only a good swimmer but she could swim for long distances and did not seem to get tired from the effort. Neva J. relished the tranquility of the cool water and the serenity of the Creeks’ environs.

Neva J. laughed when there seemingly was little to laugh about. If others that were around her seemed down or depressed she was quick with a, ‘How you doing Kiddo,’ and a ready smile and a laugh at life’s reversals. Chet had lost his father, Carol, suddenly and it had only been a month ago. Neval J. said to Billy B., ‘Why don’t you call Chet and see if he would like to go to Pounds Hollow for the day?’ ‘But Mom…it does not open until Memorial Day and this is only Friday the 13th.’ ‘I know…but there is a place where there is a hole in the fence and we will climb through the hole and swim to our heart’s content…and after that, we will get a bag of burgers at the Moo and Cackle,’ said Neva J. ‘I will bring a package of Oscar Mayer Weiners for Chet..you know how he enjoys them right out of the package, said Billy B.

Chet was reading a Lost In Space Comic Book when Billy B. called. ‘Yes, I would love to come with you and Neva J….but won’t we get in trouble due to the facility not being open until Memorial Day, asked Chet? ‘Mom says that will be half of the fun of going and that that Hidden Creek is magical when it is snuck into,’ laughed Billy B. ‘So…Neva J. has now renamed Pounds Hollow…Hidden Creek,’ asked Chet? ‘It looks like it, my friend,’ responded Billy B.

The Rag Top was down on Neva J.s’ 57′ Chevy and the wind was blowing through their hair as they drove to…Hidden Creek… Neva J. led the way as they descended carefully down the long flite of uneven stone steps that led to the fence that surrounded the Creek. ‘Follow me… the hole is behind these bushes,’ whispered Neva J. Chet laughed at the hijinks and antics of Neva J. She seemed to always be attempting to cause others to feel better. Chet rubbed his eyes as he peered at Hidden Creek…as it was nothing like Pounds Hollow…although they drove on the same road that leads to Pounds Hollow and they descended the same uneven stone steps that lead to Pounds Hollow…yet this was not Pounds Hollow…

‘Hi Chet…it is good to see you…son,’ said Carol as he sat on a large boulder that was near the swimming area. ‘Bring me a hot dog…I am famished, laughed Carol. ‘But Dad…how are you here,’ Chet said with a massive smile on his face and tears in his eyes. ‘Well, you remember that we learned at the Social Brethern Church that there is life after death…I am the proof,’ Carol laughed heartily. ‘I am always with you…son…you are never alone,’ Carol said softly.

‘What a great day at Pounds Hollow…and what an outstanding beginning to swimming season…early,’ Billy B. added. Chet slept peacefully in the back seat of the Chevy…the wind tousling his hair as he enjoyed his dreams of…Hidden Creek…

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  1. I always enjoy the words and pictures from The Happy Traveler. Keep up the exceptional work!

    1. Thank you, kind sir! 😊

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