Everyday Superheros and The Fluidity of Time

So…Verizon Phone Service offers a deal that you can’t refuse… I saw a television commercial that said that anyone could come in and trade their old iPhone for a new iPhone…for Free. I learned many years ago that things that seem too good to be true…usually are. In any case, we went in and I traded my XR iPhone for a new iPhone 13 at no additional cost except for the upgrade in memory…and we kept the same plan. A young man named Gabriel waited on us for the majority of our time at Verizon and he was a delight and a truly nice person. Where his colleagues did not seem to be overly interested in assisting us…Gabriel stepped up and even worked 30 minutes after his quitting time to ensure that we were well taken care of. He was enthused about two handcrafted writing pens that he had recently purchased as MJ noted that one that he was using was exactly like her formerly favorite pen that she had purchased in Paducah, Kentucky. As he worked diligently on our phone transfers he told us the story of his handcrafted pens and even found the person’s business card for MJ to photograph to facilitate her contacting the craftsman.

Mrs. Baker was Billy B.’s English teacher at Washington Junior High School in Eldorado. Billy B. liked Mrs. Baker as she talked with him often and encouraged him in his studies. Mrs. Baker was a prim and proper lady…with blue hair. Billy was mesmerized by her blue hair…he had never seen blue hair before. Mr. Baker, Mrs. Baker’s husband was a teacher at the Eldorado High School. Mrs. Baker often spoke of Von and sometimes her words were a bit personal…but tasteful. Billy B. and Chet especially enjoyed the film that Mrs. Baker showed the class of Eldorado during the 30s… 40s… and 50s. Many of the buildings were recognizable while some were not. At one point Mrs. Baker or as Billy B. thought of her, Gwendolyn, mentioned that if the class looked closely we would see her crossing the street near Burnetts’ Bank…and Chet laughed when he saw his respected instructor as a young lady…who as she laughed she did a little jig in front of the Bank. The 8th-grade classroom was hot that day and the lights were turned off in order to see the historic film…and suddenly Billy B. and Chet were standing beside…Gwendolyn.

‘My goodness…Sally…look at these cute boys and what unique clothes they are wearing,’ said Gwendolyn. ‘Are you on your way to School,’ asked Chet? ‘No…Sally and I are going to Carter and Chossiers’ Drug Store for a tall and frosty mug of root beer…would you like to join us, said Gwendolyn. ‘Would we ever,’ announced Billy B. ‘You two are a lot of fun…how old are you guys…anyway, asked Sally. ‘How old do you need us to be,’ asked Chet. ‘Well, Sally and I are 17 and we are on our way to college at SIUC Normal in Carbondale this September,’ replied Gwendolyn. ‘We are both 17…would you girls like to go with us to see the new film, The Wizard of Oz, at the Orpheum, asked Billy B.? ‘We would like nothing better, smiled Gwendolyn…

‘Sally…excuse me for a moment I need to go to the Teachers’ Lounge and call…Billy B….to see what time he will be able to leave EHS for our vacation to Gatlinburg,’ Gwendolyn said. ‘When you find out I will call Chet and tell him to pack the car…I like the idea that we will be traveling at night…especially with this 1969 traffic…

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