‘Always Be Humble And Kind’

Humility captivates me. When I witness it…I am stopped in my journey and pause to consider where I am going…and where I have been. The most influential people in my life have been humble and kind. Those who are humble shine as a brilliant diamond in our world of; ‘Me First’ and ‘The poor can get theirs just like I got mine.’

Billy B. and Chet were looking forward to the 4th Of July Picnic at Mahoney Park. Jane and Daryl were coming and Daryls’ dad, The Wiz, would be there. Neva J. was making her favorite Christmas Coffee Cake…as the theme of the Picnic was Christmas In July. The Wiz was the 6th-grade teacher and he and Daryl had come to Eldorado from Bath, England. In Bath, The Wiz had taught Medevil History and he was called The Wiz due to his penchant for wearing all black clothing and a pointy hat with stars sewn on it. He loved to perform magic acts and planned to do so at the Christmas In July Picnic at Mahoney Park. When The Wiz was at the Party…there was no telling what would happen.

Tommy L. was a bit disabled and did not have many friends. As the Christmas In July Picnic was being planned…his name did not come up…either to bring something or even be invited. Chet said that Tommy L. must come and that he not only was going to invite him but that he would sit with him at a picnic table and stay with him throughout the event. Jane said, ‘Chet…you are a special person…and I will join you and Tommy L. for the day.’ Chet blushed and was embarrassed by Janes’ compliment and he said, ‘Tommy L. is a cool kid and I want him for my friend.’ Billy B. was listening to Jane and Chet as they spoke and he was impressed with each of their humble natures. Billy B. thought to himself that neither of them wanted recognition for their actions…they just were being kind and loving to Tommy L.

Christmas In July…was in full swing. The Wiz had planned his Magic Act with a Christmas Story message and he was excited to begin. As more of the people at the Picnic saw Tommy L. and the manner that Jane and Chet and Billy B. treated him with honor and respect and had him sit with them at the head table that was directly in front of the Magic Show Stage…they began to come up and greet Tommy L. and tell him how happy that they were that he was there. Tommy L. had a humongous smile on his face. He was talking and laughing and even arose to illustrate his Tap Dancing skills. Tommy L. was the life of the party!

Up came; Buddy and Tommy C. and Jim and Debbie to join Tommy L. in the Tap Dancing extravaganza. The Wiz watched as a tear rolled down his cheek. When it was time for the Magic Show The Wiz stepped up onto the stage. He looked out at the extremely happy picnickers. ‘Tommy L…come forward and speak to us about Tap Dancing…’ Tommy L walked onto the stage and began to tell how he came from a Tap Dancing family and that his grandparents had been in Vaudeville and his mom taught tap dancing in New York City before they moved to Eldorado. Tommy L. told stories about meeting George Burns and Bob Hope and Fred Astair. Ginger Rogers was his pen pal.

Tommy L. sat down to a thunderous standing ovation and his promise to begin teaching Tap Dancing at Hillcrest School on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

”The lesson of Christmas In July has been expertly taught by each of you and most especially by…Tommy L…” said The Wiz…

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