During my Campus walks, I have begun straying from the Beaten Path. It is a bit difficult to see wildlife if you are walking the paved path that everyone else walks. I have found the same to be true on the Path Of Lifes’ Journey. If I walk in the same steps as everyone else…I often see what they see. I tend to see things differently than some. I blame it on my artistic temperament. When everyone is walking in the same direction…I wonder what the catch is. Have you ever had a question for a member of a group…such as a church group…and their answer is almost like a tape recording of what the church leader would say? The same can be said for politics. Everyone is tutored in Poly Parrot Speech. There is little that I enjoy more than speaking to the real human in front of me…rather than their Artificial Intelligent Representative.

Family is what protects us and educates us and loves us unconditionally.

I saw a lonely woman today. She was sitting alone at an outside table at our local Sonic Restaurant. She looked sad and perhaps ill. She hung her head, at times below the table. Yet she was charging what appeared to be an iPhone and was carrying a nice backpack and a camera case. Her clothes were clean and she had a large Sonic Soda on the table beside her. I almost never indulge in the culinary delights of Sonic…but today and today only… they had Corn Dogs for 50 cents apiece. She checked her phone charge every few minutes and appeared to be waiting on a call…

We members of the largest family on Earth…the Human Family…are sad and lonely and looking for answers that we have not been able to find on the Prescribed Path to Nirvana. We are hopeless…and we are looking for hope. We are searching for loved ones…but we are afraid to reach out. Often we see the world through the prism of what it has done or has not done for us. A photographer would tell us that we may need to change the filter on our human camera…to see the brilliant hues and colors and richness of our surroundings.

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