Jane was awakened by the Sun shining through her bedroom windows. It was unusually brilliant and peeked its rays through every crack and crevice surrounding her heavy drapes that were pulled tightly shut. In fact, the bedroom was similar to the blinding glare of the powerful movie light bulbs that Billy B. used when he was filming a Holiday Event. He used a light bar with six powerful light bulbs ablaze in order to facilitate the images on the 8-millimeter movie camera being bright enough to see clearly. When he was taking movies everyone had to squint into the camera lens and paint a humongous smile on their faces…while their eyeballs felt like they were going to burn out of their sockets. Jane stumbled to the bedroom door and fumbled for the handle and then…sweet relief…the sunlight became normal once again.

Mrs. M. told her third-grade class to be prepared for sudden solar outbursts throughout the day as the scientist had announced that the Sun was undergoing numerous Solar Flares and that the sudden onset of brilliant light was a bit blinding…until you became accustomed to it. Daryl said, ‘I had to milk. the cows on our farm this morning, before school, and that they would give no milk after the bright light.’ ‘I was waiting on the school bus…but it had to stop and wait for the light to subside…as Doc Irvin could not see the road,’ Chet noted. ‘Our dog, the Bruiser, cried and howled for an hour after the glaring light,’ Buddy whispered. ‘I saw a car wreck by the Ben Franklin Dime Store,’ Bill said.

‘Oh my God…there it is again, cried Mrs.M.! ”Everyone please walk single file out to the hall and drop to your knees and cover your heads as you rest them against the block walls of the hallway, Mrs. M. continued. ‘I fear that we are under Nuclear Attack from the Soviet Union, cried Mrs. M…

‘Billy B…are you still playing with your Dad’s light bar,’ asked Neva J? ‘Yes mom…I am shining it on the Terrarium and you would not believe how the little people scurry and run for cover,’ Billy B. laughingly responded. ‘Put the lid back on the Terrarium and unplug the light bar before your Dad gets home and discovers that you have been playing with it,’ Neva J. said.

‘Finally…we can stop squinting,’ said Jane. ‘Billy B…you seem to take some pleasure in shining the blinding movie lights in our eyes as you produce your 8-millimeter film,’ said Chet. ‘I wish that I did not have to use such bright lights for the 8-millimeter film…but without it, the images are so dark that it is difficult to distinguish what is on them, replied Billy B.

‘Chet and Jane and Buddy and Daryl and Billy B. were walking in Eldorado on Halloween night on the brick street that runs alongside the Methodist Church. It was so dark on this moonless night that you not only could not see any black cats…you could not see your hand in front of your face. Suddenly Jane heard a click and the whir of the 8-millimeter film…and then…light as bright as noontime…

‘Billy B…stop tormenting your friends…

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  1. A wonderful read, as always. And great images too!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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