Pouring…was the best word for Saturday. Billy B. was wearing his ‘Big Shirt’ that he purchased at J.C. Pennys…just before they closed for business. It was too large for him…but it was comfortable. The rain had a calming and soothing effect on Billy B. It seemed that several of the happy occasions of his life had been associated with rain. On many rainy Saturdays, Chet and Billy B. were ensconced in their plush Theatre Chairs at the Orpheum…watching Dracula and his escapades. Bella Lugosis’ Dracula was the gold standard…but the British actor, Christopher Lee, was no slouch. During the 60s’ there was at least a new movie per year of Dracula and another wonderful British actor, Peter Cushing, fighting off Evil with a Cross and some Garlic. Vampires do not like Garlic. This is how I am certain that I am not a Vampire…

‘We need to search for Vampires in Eldorado,’ whispered Chet. ‘I think that they live on the way to Raleigh…in the Haunted House that we pass on the way,’ Chet continued. ‘I have never known who lives there,’ replied Billy B. ‘A former Prince from Prussia…I heard from the Pool Hall Manager…Mr. Mugs, said,’ Chet. ‘I saw him at the Townhouse Cafe…drinking a Bloody Mary,’ Chet continued. ‘I think that we must go to the Haunted House…tonight…and see if we can determine if he is a Vampire…or just a Prussian Prince…who looks like a Vampire, Chet said with some excitement.

Jane joined Billy B. and Chet for the Sherlock Holmesian Hunt. No one had ever seen the PP accept at night or on a very cloudy and rainy afternoon. He drove a 1957 hardtop Chevy and kept it in the Haunted Houses’ garage. As far as they could tell…PP lived by himself. Chet knocked on the door…and a black cat ran in front of the threshold. The door slowly opened…but no one was there. As Billy B. and Chet and Janes’ eyes became accustomed to the dim light of the living room they could see what appeared to be gold-colored vinyl records on the walls behind the red sofa. On the opposite wall was a humongous stereo system and suddenly it began to play Chubby Checker singing his hit…The Twist…

‘Well…it looks like you have found me,’ said Chubby Checker. ‘I told my uncle Vlad that it would only be a matter of time before someone discovered that I was outside Eldorado…with him, said Chubby. ‘But why are you here,’ asked Jane? ‘I had to get away from Pennsylvania for a while…my fans would not allow me any rest, said Chubby. ‘Where did you live in Pennsylvania,’ Jane asked? ”King of Prussia, Pennsylvania,’ replied Chubby. At about the same time the basement door opened and out stepped…Uncle Vlad. ‘Who are our guests,’ Chubbys’ Uncle Vlad asked? ‘They are fans of the Twist…,’ answered Chubby. ‘Well…that is true…especially of my mom…Neva J….she Twists every day and every evening…when she has the chance,’ laughed Billy B. ‘Do you kids know…The Monster Mash,’ Uncle Vlad asked?

Billy B. and Chet and Jane liked Uncle Vlad and his nephew…Chubby…but it was a bit chilly sleeping in the basement of the Haunted House and only coming out at night…and either singing the Monster Mash…or ‘Twisting the night away…’

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  1. Perfectly written with smiles😄👍

    1. Thank you, my friend. You are, too kind. 😊

  2. What a fabulous post! 💖

    1. You are too kind, my friend.

  3. “Sherlock Holmesian Hunt.” cute yeah, made me laughed out loud.. 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend. 😃

      1. You are absolutely welcome! Thank YOU for the laugh. 🙂

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