Top Gun & Other Destinations

Everyone but me already knew how easy it is to purchase movie tickets online. MJ looked at the availability of seats for a showing of Top Gun Maverick for today and the theatre was filling rapidly. She asked me to perhaps purchase the tickets before I engaged in my daily walk on Campus. Then…I remembered something about being able to purchase tickets through my AMC APP…with no additional cost…and suddenly she noted that the seats that she was wanting were already filled…by the 4 Brooks… I marvel at the miracles of modern technology.

Maine is getting ever increasingly closer. We planned to return to Booth Bay Harbor almost immediately after arriving home last September. Ocean Point Inn is a Vintage Pleasure. The westward view of the Atlantic is stunning. I am mesmerized by the Ocean. Just sitting and watching its’ ever-changing appearance is a Holiday for me. Maine has a feeling, vibe, and spirit about it that I have found nowhere else that I have traveled. Of course…there is Lobster!

Memorial Day Weekend was a Pounds Hollow Weekend…and Billy B. and Chet and Jane were ready for adventure. The school was out and the weather was hot and freedom abounds. ‘Do you have the inner tubes packed,’ asked Chet. ‘Yes, and the picnic basket,’ answered Jane. ‘I was hoping that we could take some Pepperoni Sticks with us,’ Billy B. said. ‘The Pepperoni is in the basket,’ Neva J. responded. ‘I am taking your cousin Genes’ Creature From The Black Lagoon mask…I want to give the girls a fright,’ laughed Chet. ‘Be sure to pack the Creature Feet and Hands as well, Billy B. responded with a laugh. ‘Now you guys know that there may be some older people at Pounds Hollow and that they may have heart conditions…and probably are not healthy enough for a visit from the Creature From The Black Lagoon, Neva J. said with girlish glee.

It was Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend…and Pounds Hollow was packed. There was Mrs. K the teacher that Billy B. and Jane and Chet had just left yesterday at Hillcrest School. And…right in the middle of the Beach was Mr. S…the Principle of Washington Junior High. Now Mr. S. dressed each day for his Principal duties in a three-piece suit and tie and white shirt. His hair was combed perfectly with a large dose of Vitalis to make it lay in a slick slumber on his head. Billy B. and Chet thought of him as a Mafia Don similar to what they had seen in the movies at the Orpheum Theatre. He wore a large diamond ring on his left hand and a large black onyx ring on his right hand. Yet…today there he was in all of his natural glory. He was laying on his back and his large stomach showed in the noon sun like a ripe watermelon… ‘Let us give Mr. S. a proper Memorial Day Scare” said Daryl who had joined the group. ‘That is an excellent idea…I fear his little spindly legs will not be able to carry him fast enough as he flees from the Creature,’ laughed Jane.

‘Hello…Mr. S…how are you today,’ said Chet in full Creature regalia. ‘Just fine,’ said Mr. S. Mr. S. had a towel over his face and could not see the horrible Ocean Monster that stood beside him. ‘Why don’t you take the towel from your face…in order that I may see you clearly,’ giggled Chet. ‘Hi, Chet…where did you get that fine Halloween Mask from…it is one of the most intricate that I have seen, asked Mr. S. ‘How did you recognize me,’ asked Chet? ‘You have a very distinct voice,’ said Mr. S…

‘Get out of the water,’ yelled the lifeguard with a frantic urgency! Mr. S. rose to a half-sitting position on his beach towel and saw what appeared to be a half-man and half-fish creature walking right for him…and he jumped up and began to run… and lost his trunks…which were much too small for his mature girth.

‘I did not know that you had your own Creature From The Black Lagoon Suit,’ said Chet. ‘Yes…Neva J got me one for my birthday…and oh my goodness did it come in handy today,’ Billy B. laughed…and laughed….and laughed…

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  1. See, you say Maine, and I immediately think of Crabapple Cove 🤣. Thanks for a great post, yet again.

    1. Thank you, my friend. My pleasure. 😃

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