Memorial Day

This has been a lovely day. It began with church this morning and hearing a great sermon from Reverend Judy Beyler. Judy had been our Pastor many years ago and baptized our son Jonathon. She spoke of our times and that they are calling for us to ‘Do rather than watch.’ I can not think of a more appropriate subject for our’ chaotic world and our church…and ourselves. Certainly, we remember over this weekend and tomorrow the millions of soldiers that took the advice of doing to heart when they laid down their lives for our safety and freedom.

Then MJ took us out for brunch at Brixwood Winery. Now…this is a fine manner indeed to follow morning worship! As my buddy Ron would say,,,’ It was to die for!’

Billy B. and Chet and Jane were on their way to Kingsport, Tennessee for a Church Convention. In fact, the non-denominational church that they belonged to had a Memorial Day Church Convention each Memorial Day Weekend. Billy B. loved to attend the Kingsport Church as it had the most friendly people that he had ever met. There was a slower pace and lifestyle in Kingsport as well as a delightful slower speech and accent. ‘I can not wait to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel,’ exclaimed Chet. ‘The Chocolate Cake at Shonys’ is my favorite dessert, said Jane. ‘I love grits,’ Billy B. declared. ‘I am interested to see how the church meetings will work out with us having them at the Kingsport Convention Center,’ Neva J. remarked.

One of the first things that Billy B. noted when he came to Kingsport was how hilly and curvy the roads were…and how fast the people of the area drove. ‘It is like Mr. Toads’ Wild Ride,’ hollered Chet, as they went around a sharp corner on two wheels. It seemed that everyone was in a tremendous hurry to arrive at their destination…only to smile and talk and drink coffee and pass the time…

Gatlinburg, Tennessee was just a short drive from Kingsport and Neva J. and Billy B. and Chet and Jane were going to stop off there for a few days of holiday after the business of faith was concluded. Gatlinburg had so much to offer…but the highlight of the town was in the Great Smoky Mountains…Cades Cove. Memorial Day Night…the Eldorado Intrepid Travelers were going to spend the night camping in Cades Cove. You may not realize it…but the Smokys are full of Black bears… Black bears love human food… ‘I have been reading everything that I can on sightings of the Yeti in the Smokys…near Gatlinburg,’ said Chet. ‘I would not be surprised if we do not see him…tonight…,’ smiled Billy B. in the dark with his flashlight illuminating his teeth. ‘Bigfoot in the Smokys,’ asked Jane with an incredulous air? ‘Yes…a family heard a commotion at the Park Vista Hotel…which borders the woods…and when they looked out of their picture window…there was a great hairy man/monster peering in at them and…smiling…,’ Neva J. said.

It was a moonless night. It was so dark that Billy B. could not see Chet…although his sleeping bag was right next to his. Neva J. and Jane were sleeping in the tent…and Chet said, ‘I heard something.’ Billy B. turned on his flashlight…but the batteries had apparently gone dead… ‘Drat…hand me some new batteries…Chet…and hurry!’ As Billy B. fumbled with the D batteries… there were peels of laughter…and standing before them were two of the members of the Kingsport Church dressed as Twin Bigfoot… They noted that they come to Cades Cove every year to conduct Bigfoot Tours and that they made good money doing so. The Eldorado Intrepid Travelers…breathed a sigh of relief…

Old Man Moon decided to show his great round smiling face. On the porch of the Cades Cove Methodist Church…was a herculean figure with hair all over it…and a scowl on its’ face…and the nine-foot creature bellowed like thunder…’Leave my home…’

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