June Jamboree

June has arrived and the three meteorological summer months in our neck of the woods with the arrival. School is out and all the kiddos are free to do as they please…they think. June was Billy B. and Chets’ favorite summer month. It was not too hot, yet summer break had just begun. Plans for a trip to Europe were in the works and everyone was dutifully excited. They were going to fly to Gatwick Airport and then take a land excursion over several countries. ‘I can not wait until we leave on the big jet,’ said Chet. ‘It is going to be a blast,’ replied Billy B. Neva J. had been entering the Irish Sweepstakes for many years…and this year…she won! There were enough prize winnings for Jane and Daryl to accompany them. Of course, Daryls’ dad, The Wiz was in the group as he had Daryl come from Bath, England. They were a bit of the talk of the town in old Eldorado…as previous to this grand trip…the main adventure of summers past was a combination of visits to the Orpheum Theatre and swimming at Pounds Hollow. The gossip was that Neva J. had been financed by her former friend, George H., who everyone said was a mobster. But George H. had not been seen or heard from for over three years…concrete overshoes were feared as the cause…

‘I shall have a Derby Hat…when we get to London, Billy B. exclaimed! ‘Do you think that they will have your size,’ asked Chet? ‘They have antique hat stretchers,’ I am told by Daryl. ‘I have more than one hat stretched at the haberdasher,’ noted Daryl. ‘We must visit Stonehenge…as it is not far from Gatwick,’ said The Wiz. ‘So we shall,’ said Chet as he doffed his Carriage Man Hat. ‘We leave in the morning…and I have yet to finish packing,’ Jane said with a sigh.

Grosvenor House was everything that the brochure had said that it would be. It was in Westminister Borough, London, and 1.2 miles from the Center of London. ‘Everyone please hurry or we will miss our Stonehenge Tour. The ride was a pleasant one with the vehicle being a BMW minivan. Soon Daryl began to talk of his last experience at Stonehenge. ”Dad and I came to Stonehenge early one morning…the morning of the Autumn Equinox…the Pagan holiday of…Mabon. ‘Several people with the costumes of the Druids were present,’ The Wiz said. ‘But…what about the flying saucer that we saw…just over the Stones at daylight,’ Daryl asked with urgency?

‘We are here…now where is my Polaroid,’ said Neva J. ‘The Pagan worshippers are reverent,’ whispered Chet. ‘Many are touching and embracing the Stones,’ Jane noted. An otherworldly blue light bathed the Stones and all of the Pagan Worshippers gazed toward the sky…when to Billy B.s’ amazement…the Stones first disappeared and then reappeared while three disc-shaped objects hovered just overhead.

‘What a great English Breakfast with the Blood Sausage and the beans,’ exclaimed Chet! ‘I have wanted to visit Bath ever since our friends, Margo and Jeff, moved here a few years ago,’ said Neva J. ‘What happened at Stonehenge…I do not remember anything,’ Jane said softly. ‘Stonehenge…why we have not been there yet…have we,’ Billy B. murmured…

‘The Autumn Equinox is in September…how did we think that we were going to visit Stonehenge for the Autumn Equinox in June,’ Daryl said…to himself…

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  1. A great tale, as always. I saw pictures this week of Stonehenge lit up with photos of the Queen. One of the Jubilee celebration projects.

    1. Thank you, my friend. šŸ˜ƒ

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