Kind Words…Make Kind People

I made another visit to my Photo Project Of Murphysboro. Again I spoke with a kind lady in the gas/market and I considered how rare it is to confront a kind helpful person in our days of ‘Catch Me If You Can’… Just a few kind words change my entire day. I feel more at peace and confident in my endeavors. The world looks sunnier and more inviting…and I feel refreshed and renewed. Kindness is powerful. After someone is kind to me…I am inspired! A person that is genuinely nice to me…has a friend for life.

Chet could not believe his good fortune. He had been asked to play the Lost In Space Robot in the ‘Lost In Space’ Play at Hillcrest school. He was the main character. Billy B. was to portray Dr. Smith and Daryl would be Will Robinson. Neva J. would be Wills’ mother and Jane would be Penny his sister. Irwin Allens’ Space Opera which was loosely based on The Swiss Family Robinson was a massive Hit in Eldorado. Chet had been portraying the Lost In Space Robot daily for over a year and had requests that were backed up by the other students to see his uncanny rendition of the Television Show Mechanical Star. Chet had purchased an entire Lost In Space Robot Suit from Harry Ackerrmans’ Monster Magazine and he guarded it with his life. Chet had the abiding affection of many of the girls of his class and of the upper-class girls…as well. They described him as; Dreamy…Adorable…and they often exclaimed…’ Awww,’ when he approached…especially with his costume on.

‘Who will be the monster that we fight in the Play,’ Chet asked. ‘Well…the TV Lost In Space has so many unusual monsters…perhaps we can fight the monster of Hate,’ said Jane. ‘I like it a lot,’ exclaimed Billy B. ‘How will we dress Hate,’ Neva J. asked. ‘Let’s dress Hate as an Angel…with secret horns,’ said Daryl. ‘Once again…I like it very much…Hate usually portrays itself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ ‘Judas was one of Jesus’ trusted disciples and traveled with him everywhere that he went…and they ate out of the same dish,’ said Chet. ‘Let us dress up our monster as a Lamb,’ said Chet.

The night of the Hillcrest School Performance of Lost In Space In Eldorado…was about to begin. All of the players were costumed and in their place. Chet had on his Lost In Space Robot Costume and Billy B. was dressed as Dr. Smith and Daryl was there as Will Robinson. In the wings was Neva J. as the Mother and Jane as Penny Robinson…and there was a Lamb…who the others did not know who had on the Lamb Costume…and there was an Angel…with a smile like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. As the Performance was at its’ zenith and the Lamb was to be exposed for its Wolf Nature…it ran from the stage…bleating in fear…

The Angel stepped forward and said…I am wearing a Toupee…

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  1. It’s amazing how powerful a few words can be! As I hiked this morning, I thought about all the small but heartwarming exchanges I’ve had om that trail. For some reason, the one that keeps tickling and touching me a couple months later is this cheerily offered handful of words: “Get those steps in, girl!” ❤️😁

    1. Often the simplest of kind words can lift our spirit. They stay with us in difficult times.

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