Sunday Love

After taking photos of several towns surrounding Carbondale…why not Carbondale. I saw the happiest people this morning. By their classy attire…I feel reasonably certain that many of them had attended Sunday Church Services and they were indulging in some brunch after filling their spirits. I love seeing people of all colors and creeds and countries fellowshipping together. Carbondale is that kind of town. It is unique in the amount of diversity that makes up the community. People were laughing and slapping each other on their backs and in general exhibiting…not a care in the world. Sunday morning in Carbondale in June was busier than I expected.

During my photographic study of the towns of Little Egypt, I have noticed that the churches are often just a block over from the town square. Churches were terribly important to the founders and builders of the towns. Faith and the exhibition of that faith by church attendance were of equal importance with hard work and professional conduct. You did not often have one without the other.

The Railroad was essential to the success of Carbondale as well as most of the communities in the midwest. These Communities were built before automobiles and commerce and goods and commodities…traveled by rail.

Billy B. looked out of the window of the Gulf Transport Bus. Carbondale seemed like the big city to him. He was accustomed to Eldorado and to arrive in Carbondale was to him…enthralling and exciting and energizing…while some would say that he had arrived in Sin City…or Sodom and Gomorrah. He looked around at the Train/Bus Station and wondered where SIU was. He could not see it in either direction that he peered. Not being old enough to drive…he did not know which way to start walking. ‘Excuse me, mam…can you direct me to where the University is located,’ Billy B. asked the kind-faced woman. ‘Well…Delyte and I are going there now…would you like to accompany us, Dorothy said. ‘I sure would, mam, I am going to attend a Play at the Theatre on Campus and then spend the night with my cousin, Brenda, and return to Eldorado tomorrow on the Gulf Transport Bus, answered a happy Billy B. ‘Who is this fine young man,’ asked Delyte? ‘I am Billy B…sir,’ answered Billy B. ‘I am Delyte and my wife is Dorothy…and we live on Campus…we both work there,’ smiled Delyte.

‘Have some Peanut Butter Cookies…Billy B. and some cold milk,’ said Dorothy. ‘I checked the starting time of the Play and found that it does not begin for three hours…would you like a tour of Southern Illinois University,’ asked Delyte? ‘I sure would…Sir…you and your wife are most kind and I will tell Neva J. about your kindness to me, exclaimed Billy B. ‘Good Morning President Morris and Mrs. Morris,’ said the Campus Security Police Officer as Delyte got a bicycle out of his garage that was just the size for Billy B. ‘Who is the fine young man with you,’ asked the Poice Chief? ‘He is a future student of SIU and our honored guest,’ said Dorothy.

Doctor Billy B. sat at the foot of the statue of Dorothy Morris…the First Lady of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…and a tear coursed down his cheek…

5 responses

  1. Great pics, as always and I love the commentary. Sunday Funday!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

  2. Great words and awesome photographs! Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Thank you, Son. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Š

      1. You’re most welcome.

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