Hot Sand

‘I can not wait to dip my feet in that cool Pounds Hollow water,’ said Chet. ‘You know even though it is going to be 100 degrees today…the water feels a bit chilly when you first get in,’ said Neva J. ‘I will tell you what does not feel a bit chilly…the beach sand…it burns my feet every time that we go swimming,’ Billy B. said…with a historical passion. ‘I love to apply a liberal amount of Coppertone Suntan Lotion and lay in the warmth of the Sun and feel the warm sand beneath my beach towel,’ said Jane. ‘It is similar to being in an oven…’ noted Chet.

Pounds Hollow was especially crowded on June 14th and both the hot sandy beach and the cool lake were full of summer Sun Worshippers. The little store that was located in between the women’s and men’s locker rooms had candy bars and potato chips and Sun Tan Lotion…and a new item…Sunscreen was supposed to protect your skin against burning and then tanning. ‘Well…I am always extremely proud to be one of the first kids in Eldorado to complete my sunburn in order to proceed with the wonderful tanning process…why by the end of summer…I am very dark…indeed, Billy B. boasted. ‘Sun Burns is just a part of loving the beach,’ laughed Neva J. ‘I think that they are somewhat painful…’ said Chet quietly.

‘Did you bring your Thongs…Billy B., asked Neva J? Yes, but they keep slipping off of my feet and I do not like the bar that fits between my toes to facilitate keeping them on,’ Billy B. responded. ‘Some of the babies are crying as they sit in the sand and make sandcastles,’ Jane sadly said. ‘Next time perhaps we will bring a big umbrella to sit under and maybe deflect some of the most powerful Sun Rays, Neva J. said. ‘You know…I have often wondered what the difference we humans are from the roast or steak or hamburger…that cooks in the oven…we just do not cook…as long,’ Chet remarked. ”Oh let’s not think such dour thoughts today…let us get into the water and enjoy this beautiful June Morning, Jane proclaimed as she ran to the lake’s edge.

Peace and summer serenity and joy embraced our happy group…as a hidden monster watched over them…

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  1. Aaaah, memories of summer. That’s a feeling close to my heart.

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