The Longest Day

June 21st is less than a week away and with its’ coming…the longest day. After June 21st the days begin to become a bit shorter each day. I like that…but I am in an apparent minority on this affection. I believe that there is a large segment of people who would prefer that the sun never set. I will never forget taking an Alaskan Cruise on Holland America and observing the sun still shining at 2:00 A:M:. It was somewhat disconcerting. It gets dark in my neck of the woods at 8:20 P:M: this evening…but will not be totally dark until about 9:00 P:M: The late days afford a nice opportunity for late evening Blog Writing…but then again…I do have lights on the Writing Porch.

Summer is a fascinating time. You can go where you like without a jacket or coat…unless it is raining. It is a great time for outdoor activity. Sitting and observing the scenery and the wildlife and the trees and flowers…and sipping some lovely coffee or wine…come to mind. Swimming was Billy B.’s primary pass time in the summer. He and Chet and Jane and Neva J. lived to swim and return to Pounds Hollow…every day…if possible. Pounds Hollow was an escape from the ordinary and an oasis in the desert of the oppressive heat and no air conditioning. Floating in the deep water of the Hollow was another world. You could not hear the chattering throng on the Beach…and the peace of the gently wafting waters and the coolness of the experience was nirvana. ‘I am going to swim over to the far bank of the lake,’ said Chet. ‘I will float over and be with you soon,’ Billy B. responded. ‘Oh no…is that a Water Moccasin,’ cried Chet. ‘No…silly…it is just a green limb that has fallen into the water,’ Billy B. answered. Chet was sorely afraid of Water Moccasin Snakes.

Finally, Chet and Billy B. arrived on the far Pounds Hollow bank. The bank was really the edge of a woods and the trees were so thick that they blotted out the sun thus the trail that they were walking on was in the shadows of the great oaken limbs that were full of leaves. As they walked they heard two men talking in a low speech. ‘We had better be ready for anything,’ whispered Chet. ‘Yes, the voices sound like the men are planning something that must be a secret,’ Billy B. noted. ‘Well as I live and breath…if it is not Billy B. and Chet, said Bill B. ‘Come over here…Chet and let me give you a hug,’ Carol laughed with his arms outstretched.

‘How could this be happening,’ asked Chet? Billy B. walked up to his dad and gave him a big hug. Chet and Billy B. had been deprived of their fathers by the fates of life. Billy B.s father and mother had separated…and then divorced…and he had not seen him since that time. Chets’ father, Carol, had died in his sleep of a massive heart attack. ‘Miracles happen at Pounds Hollow,’ said Chet. ‘Happy Fathers’ Day…’ said Billy B. with a tear coursing down his cheek…

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  1. Great pics, bjaybrooks, and esp. pic #6. Heart melt!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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