Art And Home

I became an Art aficionado somewhat later in life. Prior to the late 90s, I appreciated Fine Art…but after that I love Fine Art. It is a bug that once bitten the affection is permanent. Art brings me peace and comfort and a feeling of home…wherever and whenever I see it. MJ and I traveled for several years to Lowertown Paducah, Kentucky a wonderful Artistic Community. We were back recently and visited with Char and Jay Downs. Char is a skilled and longtime renowned artist. I think that the Art Bug first bit us in Montreal, Canada. As the French Canadian lady spoke to us about the intriguing art in her shop…and offered us more complimentary wine…we were hooked.

Home is a feeling more than a place…in my mind. During the past few months, I have visited Eldorado on several occasions…and I felt supremely at home…although I have not lived in the little Southern Illinois town for nearly 50 years. I enjoyed walking the streets of the City of Gold…so much…I keep wanting to return and snap more photos. Every nook and corner…has memories. When I see the Orpheum Theatre I am transported in time back to the 60s and the many hours of enjoyment that I experienced watching movies in the Theatre. The Orpheum was my church on Sunday. On a regular basis…weekly…I would enter the Theatre around 1:00 P:M: and stay until 9:00 P:M:. Of course, those were the days when you could watch the Feature over and over for the same 35-cent ticket.

Each time that I pass our church, First Presbyterian, I think of home. We have been attending for 24 years and thoroughly enjoy the inclusiveness of the congregation. Over my 32 + year career at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, I relished the mixture of races and ethnicities and customs and faiths…and lack thereof. First Presbyterian Church mirrors that feeling of home with its’ welcoming of all people.

Earth is our home. However…somehow it seems that we are not able to recognize our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. Art helps to unite us in our human family.

My friend, Sandra Burns ART is a tremendous artist and you can look at some of her work at Sandra Burns ART@vintagecove or

3 responses

  1. Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting that ending to your post. Thank you so much, my friend. Art is just what I do. It’s in me, and I have to let it out. Through my art, I’m exploring the healing power of nature – and bringing nature inside the home.

    1. My pleasure, my friend. 😃

    2. Your art is healing ❤️‍🩹 and inspiring!

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