Cool Friday

‘Friday is a special day,’ said Billy B. ‘I have waited all week for Friday…and I intend to get the most out of it,’ Billy B. continued. ‘I have my sleeping bag and camping gear all ready to go, Chet announced. ‘I am so glad that the temperature has dropped,’ Jane noted. ‘We will roast marshmallows and cook hot dogs…accept for Chet, who likes them raw…and drink a little wine,’ laughed Neva J. ‘I am happy that we purchased those two tents from Western Auto…they will come in handy if it rains…or if there are bears or coyotes in the woods,’ said Jane. ‘I want to go through Fat Man’s Squeeze,’ said Chet. ‘I heard that it is easy to get stuck in that rock formation,’ Jane added. ‘Not if you do not breath,’ laughed Billy B.

The Garden Of The Gods had its’ illustrious name for a reason. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The rocky cliffs and formations are like none other in Southern Illinois. ‘This looks like a good spot to set up camp,’ said Chet. ‘Jane and I will gather some firewood,’ Billy B. said. ‘Neva J. and I will set up the tents and open the wine,’ grinned Chet. As the sun set the camping fire was crackling. ‘I love these hot dogs, Chet proclaimed. ‘Even if they are roasted over the open fire, Jane asked? ‘Indeed,’ Chet responded. The night was cool but the wine and the fire were warming and the little group was content and well into their…Cups. ‘Have you ever heard of a Chupacabra, asked Chet? ‘Is that a type of wine,’ asked Neva J.? ‘No, it is a creature similar to a dog…but with long arms and it stands upright…somewhat like a human, Chet answered. ‘There have been sightings in the Garden Of The Gods…some think that it was a coyote standing on its hind legs…but one of the people that saw it said that it had a head…like a pig…

The glowing embers of the campfire were a soothing sight. Jane and Neva J. were in one of the tents and Chet and Billy B. were in the other. The sounds of the woodland wildlife were musical…and the frogs croaking from the nearby pond…was like the bass section of the Garden Orchestra. Billy B. felt the need to heed the call of nature and unzipped his tent flap and walked out to find a secluded spot…he was so sleepy that it seemed that he was dreaming…when he saw a figure sitting by the campfire embers. ‘How are you doing…Billy B. asked the figure with the Pigs Head…do you have any more of those wonderful hot dogs,’ as he laughed and refilled his wine glass…

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