Senior Discount

I ordered two burritos from Taco Bell and they were two dollars each. The ethereal voice emanating from the speaker said $4.47. When I staged my $4.47 while attempting to not hit the car in front of me and not strike the tall curb next to me…the voice…who now was manifest as a complete person…looked at me and pronounced…$4.02. I thought…what happened…and then I knew…senior discount. I must admit that I rarely ask if there is a senior discount…but my grey hair and beard…do the asking for me.

The campus was tranquil this morning. I do not know how many students are enrolled in the summer semester…but I think not many. However, I always see the Grounds folks working diligently. Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is a lovely Campus. I was contemplating that no matter our age…life affords us many senior discounts. At times we are not aware of them for a variety of reasons. We may feel eternally negative or down or have the blues…due to some unhappy reversals in our life. At times the vagaries of living can cloud our perspective as to the joys inherent in the gift of life that we all enjoy. The United Kingdom Prime Minister said during his resignation speech…’ Thems The Breaks.’ But…how often do things and events break our way…and we take those blessings for granted?

‘I just do not believe that Helen is ever going to send the bicycle that she promised to buy for me not long after we left Chicago,’ Billy B. said with disgust. ‘How long have you been waiting for the bicycle,’ Chet asked? ‘Four years,’ Billy B. responded. ‘There are some great Three Speed bikes at Western Auto…I saw them yesterday when I was helping clean the store,’ smiled Jane. ‘Bob says that he could use another helper…for delivery in the afternoon after school,’ Jane mentioned. ‘I will go and see him this minute,’ Billy B. announced as the front door hit him on his butt.

‘Is the Three Speed that is in the window really $75,’ asked Billy B.? ‘Yes…but it has been in the window for some time…I will let you take it home for $40 and you can work the price off a couple of hours an afternoon at $1 an hour,’ said Bob with a wide grin. ‘Gosh…I could have the Three Speed paid for in a month, exclaimed Billy B.!

‘That is one sweet ride,’ laughed Chet as they rode their bikes around Eldorado.’ ‘Bob’s son, Jeff, told me that his dad basically gave you the Three Speed for his cost as he paid $40 for it wholesale, Jane said with a smile.

‘What a tremendous discount,’ Billy B. said…as he changed speeds…

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