Summers’ Rapid Decline

‘I simply can not believe that it is July 10th,’ said Jane. ‘Time flies when you are having fun,’ Chet proclaimed. ‘It seems like yesterday that we were having Miramar Beach Adventures during the first of January and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were on the white sandy beach of the Gulf with us,’ said Billy B. ‘I remember seeing ‘Nightmare Alley’ on January 10th at Destin Commons and that there was almost no one in the Theatre…when in the past it was full of moviegoers, Chet said. ‘I recall thinking that I wondered what 2022 had in store for us,’ Billy B. mused. ‘We spoke of going to Maine in September…and now it will soon be time to go…and it seemed so far away in January,’ Jane said wistfully. ‘When I think back on my perception of time…I realize that it is a fluid understanding, said Chet. ‘The tomorrow that I planned for yesterday…has become my memory,’ Chet said in little more than a whisper. ‘A year is not long…and months are like the chapter of a good novel…and days are like the turning pages,’ Jane said.

‘It could not be 1963 again…I lived through this fateful year…59 years ago,’ Billy B. said as he bolted from his desk chair. ‘JFK was assassinated…and it changed my life in ways that at the time I could not have imagined,’ Billy B. continued. ‘Billy B…The President has not been assassinated…he is in Dallas, Texas for a political trip,’ Chet noted with a dry laugh. ‘What day is it,’ Billy B.asked? ‘Why it is November 22…and first recess…lunch will be soon, Chet answered. Mrs. K approached Billy B. and Chet and Jane and said for them to return to class at Hillcrest School in Eldorado…because something had happened and that the Principal was going to speak to the School over the intercom. ‘School is canceled for the rest of the day…those of you that ride the bus can board them in a few minutes in the circle drive…those of you who walk to School can begin walking home…and you may call your parents in the School Office if needed…President Kennedy…has been shot…,’ the Principal said over the crackle of the wall-mounted intercoms that were mounted in each classroom…

‘We were so young and impressionable…and trusting,’ said Jane. ‘Yes…I began studying Presidents’ Politics and Government…after JFK’s Assassination,’ said Billy B. ‘I realized that nothing is forever…that nothing is certain…,’ said Chet with a grimace. ‘It is a bit like being in a computer game…sometimes I wonder if everything we perceive as real…is indeed real or just our understanding of what we are experiencing,’ Jane commented. ‘We are no more than Pawns on a Giant Chess Board,’ Billy B. postulated. ‘Looking forward in time…seems long…looking backward in time…seems short,’ Chet added.

‘Are the kiddos ready for a Pounds Hollow visit,’ laughed Neva J. ‘I think that July 10th is a perfect day for swimming at the Hollow,’ Neva J. continued? ‘But Neva J…we are at Miramar Beach in Florida…and it is January 2022, said Billy B. Neva J…was nowhere to be seen. There was RK and Ron and Aaron and Jonathon and MJ. Pounds Hollow had become the Ocean…and Coca-Cola had become… a Dirty Martini…

So…summer is moving towards its’ completion…even if we do not yet realize the increasing speed of our year. MJ told me that she felt a little fall in the air a day or two ago. I always feel autumn in the air in August. When September arrives on the wings of angles…it is a slippery slope until Thanksgiving and Christmas…and 2023…

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  1. Good blog, Happy Traveler!

    1. Thank you, Mr. Brooks.

  2. It’s going fast, that’s for sure!

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