Mr. Fox

‘I must get out of the Den,’ said Mr. Fox. ‘There is some serious business that I must conduct on behalf of our family, Mr. Fox continued. ‘Monkey Business…is my guess,’ Mrs. Fox said with a smile. ‘Now…now…Fernie…you know that I leave our Den each day to explore and check on the chickens’ health and welfare,’ Frank said. ‘Who will protect the chickens…if I abdicate my responsibility, Frank Fox asked? ‘Well…there will be more chickens…for starters…,’ Fernie muttered. ‘Mike Mole is going with me…if he can find his glasses,’ FF said. ‘Do not forget to pick up the pizza at Dominos,’ Fernie called out as the Den Door slammed shut.

‘Mike…you are looking quite dapper for a Monday,’ FF noted. ‘Am I…I could not see myself in the mirror and I still have not found my glasses,’ Mike responded. ‘Did you see Harry Hawk fly over earlier,’ Mike asked FF? ‘No…I have been performing Fernie Do Duties…all morning…I swear it is getting harder and harder to get out of the Den,’ Frank said with exasperation. ‘I remember when Mavis was still alive…she did not mind me leaving her…often when I told her I was going someplace…she would say, ‘Good!’ ‘Mavis was a bit of a loner…I think,’ Mike mused. ‘I just passed Harold’s Chicken…and there was a group of our feathered friends in the Chicken Coop in back of the Restaurant,’ Ben Beaver said.

‘Cluck…Cluck…Cluck…said the chickens until FF and Mike Mole and Ben Beaver stood in front of the Chicken Coop door. ‘Whatever are you three looking at,’ said Carissa Chicken? ‘Well, I am looking at you…Beautiful,’ Frank said with a wide smile. ‘Would you mind releasing us from the Coop…Harold has evil plans for us,’ Carissa pleaded? ‘That is just what I came to do…I heard about your captivity from Olly Owl…who saw you in the Coop last night,’ said FF. ‘Frank Fox is a good fellow…and he loves to help others,’ smiled Mike Mole…but he was looking in the opposite direction of the Coop. ‘Foxes are a caring lot…they got a bad name from a few Bad Apples,’ said Ben. ‘Once we open the Coop Door…you can live with us in the Woods…and perhaps some of you can help me complete the Dam that I am working on,’ BB said with a happy countenance.

‘Run…yelled Carissa…Harold is coming out of the Restaurant Door with a meat cleaver!’ ‘Oh no you don’t,’ said Mylo Maltese as he pulled on Harold’s pant cuff and growled…like a Big Dog! Harold tripped from Mylos’ bravery and went back into the restaurant…to cook fish…instead…

‘Is that chicken…straight…you know what I mean…is it good,’ said Harold Hawk…better know as…Harold The Chicken Hawk…

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  1. Americaoncoffee | Reply

    Definitely real life going ons. Yes they have their own language and are family oriented . They have endured for a long time. Wildlife is a beautiful observance.

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