The Cool Of The Evening

Quiet in the middle of the storm. Peace when the cacophony of life’s noise surrounds us. A sense of place when our earth is moving like a major earthquake. ‘Keeping our head…when all around us…are losing theirs.’ The cool of the evening is a nice time to reflect on shelter in the hurricane.

Anxious we are…and troubled on every hand. We search for more…when we have forgotten what we have. The January 6 Innsurection is difficult to watch due to the extreme behavior of the protestors. Screaming for the Vice President and the Speaker of the House…lives…and then attesting and proclaiming the righteousness of their cause…in Jesus…is a dichotomy that mixes like oil and water. ‘Vengeful people…create a Vengeful god.’

Fearful it is to compare our dedication to hard work against those whom we perceive as not working as hard. The Beggar who we cavalierly pass on our way to the market…could be an angel unawares…watching our reaction to the poor… A mystery that I discovered a bit later in life…is that we all see things differently. My perception of our world…is not yours. As we each look through the telescope of life…we see different points of reference. The James Webb Telescope is revealing untold galaxies whose light has taken, some, 13 billion years to reach us. A newscaster said today that the photos are so beautiful…they do not look real. What if there is someone out there looking at photos of our galaxy…and wondering…

Hope we have as we travel together. The light of God…and of multi-universes…and of love…we see in the eyes of our Human Family as we journey…home…

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