I must confess that I am a bit addicted to taking photos. Durig 2022 I have branched out to take pictures of my home for most of my life…Litte Egypt…or better known as Southern Illinois. I traveled to Johnston City today and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. First I stopped at Stuckey’s…and I did not realize there were any Stuckeys left in the United States. Stuckey’s had the old toys, dolls, and walking sticks of my youth…and I was hooked.

So…among the Stukey’s Vintage Toys…was Teddy…a Vintage Doll. I thought he looked like several people that I know…and I assumed that MJ would be bowled over by his unique countenance…as I was… Thus…it was on to my photographer duties. I had no more than begun my work when I see a dignified-looking gentleman…who looked like my friend of over 40 years…Gary McArthy…and it was him! He has a bit of the Dorian Gray in him…he keeps his youthful appearance…and I keep getting older. Seeing Gary made my day! I was struck by how vibrant Johnston City still was. I drove through it every night in 1976 when I was working for a cleaning service and on my way to Ziegler Coal Company’s Offices. Once a Johnston City Police Officer stopped me…I was glad that he did as I thought that I was laying shingles on our little church in Elkville…but I was driving through Johnston City…I was falling asleep at the wheel. When he asked me if I had been drinking…I replied that I was a teetotaler…but that I was very tired as I worked 16 hours per day. He advised me to open all of the 1963 Ford Fairlane windows and get done with work as quick as I could and then to go home and sleep. I thanked him and assured him that I would do so.

My last contact with Johnston City…was generations ago. I was 17 or 18 and I desperately wanted to succeed at my job. I gave it all that I had and more than I had. My buddy Steve and I were partners in crime. Neither of us had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of..but we had a heart…and often the heart is enough. A young man with a dapper hat called out to me and said ‘Hello There,’ and it brightened my day. He said, ‘I like your hat.’ I replied that I liked his as well and that, ‘One hat wearer…knows another!’

We were in St. Louis, Missouri yesterday and we visited the Art Museum for a short while.

4 responses

  1. I have to say that Teddy looked like an elderly aunt. I had a similar experience with a copper about n decades ago; occasionally, they get it right, and it’s stuck with me.

    1. I thought that Teddy looked a bit like my mother-in-law. MJ and I have come up with a resemblance to two or three friends from the past.

  2. Love your photo of Teddy. Reminds me of my little inanimate furball Garfield except Garfield’s legs are weak and cannot stand on its own. Thanks for the photos and keep taking images.

    1. Thank you, my friend. I will keep on. 📸

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