Jesus Loves The Little Children…

‘I believe that this is the hottest summer I have seen,’ Chet said. ‘It is hot…and it is flying by,’ added Jane. ‘I read that school begins August 12th…and it is already July 16th…that is less than 4 weeks away,’ Billy B. said with a glum expression. ‘Before you can say Santa Claus…it will be Christmas again, Darryl added with a wink. ‘I think that I will attend Bible School in the morning,’ Billy B. proclaimed. ‘I thoroughly enjoy reading the Bible Story Books in Dr. Ferrell’s office at Ferrell Hospital,’ Chet said. ‘Let us go to Bible School,’ Jane said with a laugh.

Bible School was taught by women who were older than Billy B.s’ mom. They were serious ladies with serious looks on their serious faces. Billy B. soon understood that the Bible and being a Christian was real to these nice teachers who had taken time out of their summer to teach him about the Bible…and there was Kool-Aid too! Although it was 95 degrees outside…it was a pleasant 72 degrees in the Sunday School room where the class was being taught. ‘Jesus loves the little children…all the little children of the world…red…yellow…black and white…all are precious in his sight,’ sang Chet and Jane and Darryl and Billy B.’ ‘Does Jesus love only children,’ asked Billy B.? ‘We are all his children,’ answered the Bible School Teacher. Then…Billy B. understood that he was a member of a very large family and that he would never be alone again…he smiled when he thought of his many brothers and sisters.

‘We must ponder the matter further,’ said Chet. ‘How do we serve such a great calling as following Christ and being a Christian,’ Chet asked? ‘I think that we do what Neva J. has been doing for years…we serve and protect and love the members of our Human Family…just like the song implores,’ Jane answered. ‘When Neva J. sees a person that has been shunned or forgotten…she includes them and remembers them…and loves them for who they are,’ Chet noted. ‘I remember last year at Christmas…Neva J. brought Ms. Abagail, who was called ‘One Eye’ by many in town for her introverted manner and for her having lost one eye, to the Christmas Pageant and that she sat with her at the Head Table…and then she invited her to her home for Christmas Dinner,’ said Darryl with a wide smile. ‘Yes…and do not forget Rosie…who Neva J. takes everywhere with her and loves as her sister,’ said Jane. ‘Rosie had become a secure member of Billy B. and Neva J.s’ family by her inclusion in everything that they did…that she no longer felt marginalized and alone…but rather loved and protected…and cared for.

Herman sat on the busy highway curb…with his hat in his lap…and his lame feet folded under him. The sign that he held said…’Jesus Loves The Little Children…’

Michael and Gabriel…looked on. ‘The harvest is great…but the laborers are few,’ Michale said. ‘Yes…my friend…but there are still a few more…Neva J.s…’

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