Thunder In The Distance

Rain has a quieting effect on me. Rain combined with the sound of thunder in the unknown distance…is serene bliss. It has been a bit desert-like in Little Egypt for the past several weeks and the steady rain brings a renewed understanding that things change.

‘It looks like the rain is settled in,’ said Chet as he gazed out of his window. ‘Parker is on the headboard of the bed…again,’ Billy B. noted. ‘She is so afraid of thunder that she believes that the only safe place for her is the oaken headboard of my bed,’ Billy B. continued. ‘Didn’t Neva J. get her some nerve pills for her fear of storms,’ asked Jane? ‘Yes, but they are only marginally effective,’ Billy B. replied. ‘Rain causes me to think of our first visit to Eldorado and Grandma Askew’s,’ Jane said with a smile. ‘Do you mean the time that we got lost in the woods…as well as losing time,’ Chet asked? ‘It was the strangest occurrence that I have ever experienced,’ Jane replied.

‘Do you have the picnic basket all packed,’ Neva J. asked Jane? ‘I have the wine that you told me to pack…but there is little room for more than a few bologna sandwiches…and some Charles Chips,’ Jane responded. ‘You do know that it is rumored that Karel Park is haunted and that some campers have seen strange creatures…during the midnight hour,’ Chet asked with a sly grin? ‘That is why it is important that we all have fresh batteries in our flashlights,’ Billy B. said. ‘I can not wait to enjoy some hot dogs and smores and wine…I brought some Dixie Cups.’ Neva J. laughed.

The glowing embers of the campfire were quickly extinguished as the hard rain began to fall. Luckily Karel Park had covered shelters for picnics and family gatherings and great protection against the rain. ‘I hear thunder in the distance,’ said Darryl…who had joined the campers at the last minute. ‘What is that strange light over the trees…is it lightning…it looks blue,’ said Neva J…as she poured everyone a little more Merlot…in their Dixie Cups. Suddenly there were three little men staring at them and standing just outside the shelter…they had large black eyes…and they were about four feet tall.

‘What a night…I did not sleep well,’ Billy B. said with a yawn. ‘My goodness…Billy B… you are old…’ Jane exclaimed! ‘My iPhone says that it is July 17…2022,’ Darryl marveled. ‘We had no cell phones last night…we were kids…on summer recess from school…what happened,’ said Jane with a trembling in her voice!

‘My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle,’ Chet solemnly intoned…

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  1. While this is somewhat peripheral, I just have to say–I so love the silly-faces pics of you! They make me smile. 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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