‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’

‘Well…I can not believe that July is almost over…and school begins next month,’ said Jane with a scowl. ‘I have been reading that Japan and many other countries have school in session year-round and that they are overtaking us in educational preparedness,’ Chet mused reflectively. ‘I think that ‘I believe that school should be six months per year…and the other six months for adventure, Billy B. announced as if he had given the subject deep contemplation. ‘I quit school when I became 16 so I could go to work in the Shoe Factory in Mount Vernon…and I have always regretted the decision,’ Neva J. muttered. ‘We must have a last spectacular adventure before it is time to buy the school clothes and supplies…you know the paste and rulers and a package of number two pencils,’ Billy B. said. How about a trip to Maine,’ asked Neva J.? ‘I think that is a Capital Idea…and educational too,’ Darryl proclaimed. ‘We could go exploring for Lighthouses…and eat Lobster,’ Jane said with a lilting laugh. Billy B. loved to hear Jane laugh.

‘I have a great idea…we will stay at the Ocean Point Inn at Boothbay Harbor…my friend Lois runs it and I am sure she will give us a good deal,’ Neva J. said with a wide grin. Ocean Point Inn is a vintage resort with cabins next to the Ocean,’ Neva J. continued. We will drive the 57′ Chevy Convertable out to Maine and tour the surrounding towns that are near Boothbay,’ Neva J. said as she rubbed her hands together with glee!

‘I could live at Ocean Point Inn,’ Chet exclaimed! It is so peaceful and serene and the Ocean view is majestic and mysterious,’ Jane said. ‘I love the Maine Breakfast that they serve each morning…it is to die for,’ said Darryl. ‘Is everyone ready to drive to Pemiscot Point to see the Lighthouse,’ Neva J. asked. ‘I have heard that Pemiscott Point Lighthouse is haunted by the former Lighthouse Keeper who died in 1878.’ Chet mentioned. ‘All the better…I say…perhaps we will meet him when we go up into the Lighthouse,’ Darryl said with a hearty laugh.

The rocky shore of Pemiscot Lighthouse was something to behold. It was no sugar white sandy beach as Miramar Beach in Florida was…but rather a rocky and dangerous shore that certainly would require a working Lighthouse. After driving about two hours from Boothbay Harbor and stopping for a Lobster Casserole at A Taste of Maine…they had arrived and it was foggy enough that you could cut it with a knife. Pemiscot Lighthouse was a working Lighthouse and its; Beacon was ablaze with brilliant light for the ships in the Ocean. There was no one in the Lighthouse Gift Store to sell Neva J. and Billy B. and Chet and Darryl and Jane a ticket to enter the Lighthouse…but there was a Sexton at the base of the Lighthouse that was beckoning the intrepid Eldorado group to enter the magnificent structure. Up the steep stairs, they climbed… At the top of the stairs sat an old sailor with grey whiskers and a hoary head of hair…he was smoking a pipe and the smoke encircled his head. ‘How did you residents of Eldorado arrive at my Lighthouse,’ the old sailor asked. ‘We drove from Eldorado in my 57′ Chevy Convertable,’ Neva J. replied. ‘What is a 57′ Convertable…a type of buggy,’ asked the sailor. ‘It is an automobile powered by a combustion engine,’ Darryl replied. ‘My Light has gone out…look upon the rocky shore and you will see the crashed sailing vessel on the boulders below,’ said the sailor with little more than a whisper. ‘The Old Sailor is correct…there is a ship that has crashed onto the shore and bodies are laying all over the rocks…and as I look through his telescope there is…Neva J. and Billy B. and Jane and Darryl…and me…

Chet suddenly awakened as the wind blew his hair and spirits were light and free and adventurous…as they crossed the State Line…into Maine…

Neva J. called out to the car’s crew…’ shall we stop for a restroom break…before driving the last 20 miles to the Pemiscot Lighthouse?’ ‘Yes…please do…I feel a little nauseous and need to purchase a Coca-Cola to settle my stomach…I think that I consumed more Lobster than I am accustomed to,’ said a blue and sweating Chet. After a short time at the Maine Service Station for restrooms and Coca-Cola and then back on the road to the Lighthouse…up ahead was a terrible car wreck and there were five bodies along the side of the road with blankets over them and including their faces. ‘They did not see the oncoming Semi Tractor Trailer whose driver could not see the road and had drifted into their lane of traffic…, said the police officer in a whisper… ‘You need a Lighthouse in this fog…’

Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

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