A Pleasant Place

There is a cool breeze on the Writing Porch this morning. Yesterday I walked the streets of my town, Carbondale, and was reminded that there was a Heat Advisory…and I felt the reason why. The Advisory is still in effect today…but apparently not this morning. As they often say in television serials, ‘When last we left our intrepid travelers…,

‘Maine scratches me just where I itch,’ Chet said. ‘I had the wildest dream after we had our lobster lunch…I dreamt that we had climbed the winding stairs to the Pemiscot Light House and that there was an old sailor watching from the large windows at bodies on the rocky shore,’ Chet continued. ‘Whose were the bodies,’ asked Jane. ‘They were ours…and it was a very real dream…and then I woke up and we were stopped by the Maine State Police who warned us that there had been a terrible car wreck…just after we crossed the State Line…there were five bodies covered with sheets,’ Chet continued. ‘Well…the five bodies that were covered with sheets were five Crash Dummies and it was a Safety Simulation that the Maine Police were performing,’ Darryl chimed in. ‘Thank goodness…I was wondering if I was still dreaming,’ Chet said with a relieved sigh. ‘How far to Ocean Point Inn,’ Neva J. asked. ‘I am ready to relax by the Ocean and enjoy one of Donavons’ Special mixed drinks.’ Neva J. laughed.

Photo by Philipp Deus on Pexels.com

‘So this is the Penthouse,’ Billy B. proclaimed as he carried the 4th suitcase up the steep stairs. ‘Oh come quickly…there is a deck on the second floor and you can see the Ocean perfectly,’ Jane called out! ‘Let us proceed to the Pemiscot Lighthouse…since only one of us has been there in his dreams…so far,’ Billy B. laughed. ‘You know dad, who is often called The Wiz, told me the same story that Chet dreamed about…only with different characters and taking place in the last century,’ Darryl mentioned as the 57′ Chevy Convertable pulled up with the happy five from Eldorado as its’ passengers. ‘There was a shipwreck in 1892 and five people were cast upon the rocky shore,’ Darryl continued. ‘There does not seem to be anyone to take our money for us to purchase tickets,’ Jane remarked. ‘Not good…not good at all,’ Chet whispered. ‘Woof…woof,’ Mylo barked. Now our intrepid travelers knew that the little Maltese was named Mylo due to MJ the proprietress of the Lighthouse gift shop telling them. ‘Glad to meet you said MJ and how many tickets will you need?’ ‘Five please,’ Neva J. said. ‘Look at these old postcards…here is one of the shipwreck in 1892 and the bodies flung upon the sharp rocks,’ Chet noted.

‘Now you must hold on to the rail…as it is a long way to the bottom,’ said the old wizened sailor as the intrepid travelers stood out on the narrow balcony of the Pemiscot Lighthouse…in order to have a better view of the Ocean and the rocky shore. ‘Has anyone ever fallen from this height and lived,’ Jane asked. ‘Not yet…,’ grinned the Old Sailor…

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