Maine And Other Memories

Patsy Cline sang, ‘Ain’t it funny how time slips away.’ In September 2021 we journeyed to Maine and had a wonderful holiday. It is almost September…again. I was reminiscing about my old friend, Doug. Many years ago, we were teenagers and shared a house in Elkville, Illinois with a few other young men from our little church. We shared expenses and between us all…we ate…a little…no need for a diet in those halcyon days. I was already acquainted with some of Doug’s brothers and sisters and his mother and father. Doug was a seeker and became a dedicated Christian. I enjoyed listening to him preach on several occasions and deliver exciting and interesting and well-researched sermons. Doug became the manager of the Downs and Son Furniture Store in Elkville. He was not only motivated but he was motivational and inspiring. Doug and I enjoyed many talks regarding the Christian faith and I was amazed at the positive changes in his life. His captivating personality and Servant-Leadership were admired. We lost track of each other for well over 30 years…today I am thinking of my old friend…when we were both…so young.

‘I simply love sitting next to the Ocean and watching the boats come in and out of the pier,’ Jane mused. ‘Perhaps some of those boats are Lobstermen and they are loaded with lobster traps for our beloved Maine delicacy,’ Chet remarked. ‘I have eaten lobster every day that we have been in Maine,’ Billy B. boasted.

‘Camden is my favorite Maine Town…did you see the brass seal heads that I purchased at the gift store,’ Darryl asked. ‘I am especially fond of the Porcelain Bull Dog that opens into a little box…I bought it at Wiscasset,’ Billy B. said. ‘Maine is magical and mysterious and I still do not understand what happened to us at the Pemiscot Light House,’ Jane said. ‘I saw the Old Sailor watch us until we got into the 57′ Chevy and drive off,’ Chet said. ‘I thought that he was a bit creepy…if you ask me,’ Neva J. offered. ‘He told me as we were leaving to say hello to his friend Steven King,’ Jane remarked. ‘Well, you do realize that Mr. King does base most of his novels in Maine…and that the film called, The Storm Of The Century, was filmed @ Mt. Desert Isle,’ Darryl said. ‘The Old Sailor told me to watch out for long falls…and then he laughed and revealed a snaggle tooth and no other teeth in his mouth,’ Chet said softly.

‘Those were some good kids,’ Steven said as he pulled off the hot Old Sailors’ Mask…

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