Back To School

‘I love floating on the water,’ said Billy B. ‘Me too…but I need an innertube to stay buoyant…while you have a built-in inner tube…apparently…as you can float for hours on end,’ Chet laughed. ‘I do not know how I learned to float so long…but one day I just lay back and let the world pass me by,’ Billy B. grinned as he looked up at the blue sky and the white clouds. ‘When I am at Pounds Hollow and floating it seems that I am in a different and much kinder world,’ Billy B. mused. ‘I think that the water in your ears that blocks out sound lends to a peaceful feeling,’ Darryl noted. ‘I still can not get over the joys of Maine and the scary time that we had at Pemiscot Lighthouse…and the Old Sailor who wanted us to say hello to Stephen King,’ Jane laughed. ‘I purchased a working miniature lighthouse that has a light that rotates all night long in my bedroom…like a nightlight…and it makes me feel safe from the OS,’ Jane continued. ‘OS…I like that nickname…I am going to see if the Spencer Gift Catalog has any statues of Old Sailors and if they do I am going to get one as a memorial to Mr. OS,’ Neva J. said with a smile. ‘Can you believe that tomorrow is Back To School shopping at P.N. Hirsch…then Muckley’s Ben Franklin Dime Store for school supplies,’ Billy B. asked. ‘It seems like yesterday that we began our summer break and then was the 4th of July…and now school begins in less than two weeks,’ Darryl sighed. ‘This year my dad is going to be my teacher…The Wiz will be calling on me for the correct answer to the lessons…I will have to do some studying,’ Darryl worried.

‘Sometimes…I feel like I am still in Maine…I wake up from a nap and I am on the rocky shore surrounding Pemiscott Lighthouse…I can see the OS grinning at me from the Lighthouse Windows…,’ Chet whispered. ‘Funny that you would say that, Chet, but I too find myself walking on the rocky shores of Maine with Neva J. and Billy B. and Darryl…and we are still enjoying our Maine Holiday,’ Jane said with a tear on her cheek. ‘Last evening…I was at the Bar at Ocean Point Inn and Donavan was preparing me one of his special mixed drinks…when I asked him how could I still be in Maine…he winked and said that once you get Maine in your blood…you never leave,’ Neva J. commented as she had a faraway look in her eyes.

‘How about this for a revelation gang…I was at Mt Desert Isle this morning and they were filming the Storm Of The Century and Stephen King asked me to sit next to him as he advised the Director regarding the script,’ Billy B. laughed. ‘Could we be trapped in a Stephen King novel,’ Chet mused. ‘This probably sounds ridiculous…but yesterday I could have sworn that I saw Stephen King outside the Orpheum Theatre…and when you think about it…how do we know about Stephen King in 1963…or are we Time Travellers,’ Darryl smiled with a sly grin.

‘I believe that our Time Travel and our inability to really leave Maine…has something to do with the Pounds Hollow Water,’ Chet proclaimed! ‘It may be a bit of a Black Hole on the Earth and our swimming in it…and especially floating on it…facilitates its’ magical powers,’ Jane said with a wink. ‘When we are floating on the magical waters of Pounds Hollow…we seem to travel to wherever we are thinking of…only with additional ruffles and flourishes from the Mysterious Black Hole,’ Darryl postulated. ‘Let us return to the Hollow…for a reset,’ Neva J. said as she led the charge to the 57′ Chevy.

‘The water feels wonderful and it is as peaceful and serene as ever…but how did we arrive at P.N. Hirsch Department store…’

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