School Days

‘I can not believe that School starts Friday, Billy B. said to no one in particular. ‘It seems that we just got out for summer…and now they ‘pull us back in,’ Chet laughed. ‘One thing for certain…it has been a hot summer,’ Jane said with a sigh. ‘Well…it is raining now…and I like it,’ Darryl said. It is 80 degrees and it is one of the cooler summer days that we have had for some time,’ Neva J. noted. ‘Pounds Hollow will be closed on Labor Day,’ Chet mused. ‘Why don’t we all load up in my station wagon and take a trip to the Hollow,’ The Wiz announced! ‘I will pack a picnic basket and some bottles of Red,’ Neva J. exulted.

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The Wiz always had a lot of money. One time he asked Neva J. and Billy B. to keep ten thousand dollars that was in a little suitcase for him while he went out of town…and he often was out of town. Once Neva J. had asked him where he got all of his money…and he replied that he had many business ventures and also…he was a bit good at magic. Neva J. had opened the suitcase and let Billy B. peer in at all of the $100 bills…Billy B. had never laid his eyes on so many greenbacks. The Wiz spoke little of his life outside of the classroom…but he was extremely generous with his friends. He provided Christmas Dinner for every family in Eldorado…with all of the trimmings. If The Wiz heard of someone who was having their power shut off for lack of paying their bill due to their simply being poor…he paid the bill and kept paying it until they were back on their feet.

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When the station wagon arrived at the Hollow…there were several of the kids from Special Education having a picnic…and sitting alone with a meager fare of baloney sandwiches and Kool-Aid to drink. Immediately The Wiz invited the kids over to join him and Neva J. and Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Darryl. As they enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs and a little sip of the Red Wine…they laughed and clapped while The Wiz performed a magic act for them. At the conclusion of the Magic Act…The Wiz asked each child what they wanted for the New School Year…one wanted to be able to read better…another wanted to understand arithmetic…and yet another asked for a friend… The Wiz had tears in his eyes…and he said all of their wishes were granted…and that this would be the best school year that they would ever have. Donnie Latham asked The Wiz,’ Will you watch over me and my classmates and ensure that people are not mean to us…and that they do not laugh at us…and that they accept us?’ ‘I will watch over all of you every day…you will be safe…no harm will come to you,’ promised The Wiz.

‘Suddenly I am happy that School begins on Friday…I am going to help The Wiz watch over our friends…and I will be their friend…if they will have me,’ said Billy B.

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