We Are All Temps

Over the past few days, I have lost two friends. Both were fine men and ‘One of a Kind’…if you ever met them you did not forget them. Have you known someone who captivated a room…by their presence in it? Doug left us this week. He was a humble man and I do not know if he ever realized the powerful good influence he had on those who knew him. We knew each other best when we were teenagers and starting out on our Christan Walk. Doug hails from a wonderful family of whom many are my friends. For the past several years I have known him through Facebook and every time I see a photo of him…I recall my friend who was strong of faith, full of life, and passionate about scripture and serving God. Doug had a Big Heart and it was full of love.

Every day is golden. Each day counts. We are all making a difference in countless people’s lives…and we may not realize it. As I am seeing each of my human family as special and unique and understand that they have something special for my life…if I am willing to receive it. It is easy to go about our daily routine believing that others are out to get us or have a different politics or faith than we do. It takes more effort to look at our fellow travelers as our brothers and sisters…our family.

My life is not a segmented and forgotten series of events…it is a linear progression of friends and loved ones…of people who added to my living experience and who helped me along the path. I can not forget anyone…no matter how long ago we fellowshipped together. Each of us is a player on the Stage of Life…and our life whisks by like a weaver’s shuttle. While we are on Stage…let us love our family…and learn from them …and appreciate them…

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