School Starts Tomorrow

‘Tomorrow we go,’ said Chet. ‘Tomorrow is the First Day,’ Jane agreed. Tomorrow we are in Fourth Grade, noted Billy B. ‘No more…’ Schools Out…Schools Out…Teacher Let The Monkeys Out…,’ laughed Neva J. ‘What will we do for fun,’ asked Darryl? ‘Well we can still go to Pounds Hollow until Labor Day…and there is a John Wayne movie on at the Orpheum…The War Wagon…and it should be good for a thrill,’ Chet replied. ‘I am looking forward to our annual trip to DuQuoin for the State Fair,’ grinned Billy B. ‘I hope Friday is a bit cooler…it is so hot in the classrooms at Hillcrest when we first return,’ Jane opined.

‘We will go to Pounds Hollow on Saturday and spend the entire day,’ Neva J. promised. ‘I can not wait because my new diving suit arrived in the mail this morning,’ Chet replied. ‘I will snorkel with you, Chet, and we will see what the depths of Pounds Hollow have to offer,’ Billy B. replied.

Pounds Hollow was especially chilly on August 13. There was almost no one present for the last swim before Labor Day. Billy B. was surprised that the usual old man that took his money and issued him a wire basket to place his clothes in…was not present. In fact… no one seemed to be working at the little Dressing Room and Store at the Hollow. Chet simply climbed over the table in the open window and retrieved he and Billy B. a wire basket. Billy B.’s cousin Brenda had come along and she laughed when she saw Chet take command of the situation and in turn, she did the same thing for her and Neva J.

Chet and Billy B. lost no time in exploring the murky depths of the Hollow. As they dove for the sixth time…they saw a brilliant light at the surface of the water. It was so bright that they could see clearly the bottom of Pounds Hollow. When they came up from the lake…Neva J. said that they must get out of the water and leave Pounds Hollow. There was a brilliant light in the distance…that looked like a…mushroom…

3 responses

    1. They are thought provoking. Drawn by the ‘Naked Pastor.’

      1. Thanks for the share. Yes, very thought provoking indeed.

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