Eldorado Capers

‘It is a hot day for the first day of school,’ Chet said as he wiped his brow with the back of his hand. ‘Did you see the ambulances come to the High School as we were walking home from Hillcrest,’ Jane asked the group. ‘Was someone sick at EHS,’ Darryl asked. ‘I heard that Mrs. Pickle got stuck in the jar,’ Gary S. laughed. ‘Gary…you are such a Bozo…where do you come up with all of your one-liners,’ Jane laughed. ‘I learned several of them while I was taking Karate… every time that the instructor flipped us…he told a joke,’ Gary S. replied. ‘I am excited about our class visiting Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale on Monday,’ Billy B. said with a grin. ‘The Wiz says that it is never too early to develop a familiarity with College,’ Chet observed. ‘The University is on the last week of their summer break before the fall semester begins and we are going to tour several of the buildings and have lunch at the Student Center and even see a Play at the McLeod Theatre,’ Jane commented with delight. ‘I hear that they have pretty girls there,’ Gary S. smiled. ‘After they meet me…I hope they will remember my name,’ Gary S. continued. ‘I will have several new jokes for them…if they like to laugh,’ Gary S. said with confidence.

‘What a humongous College,’ said Billy B. ‘Actually Billy B…SIU is a university and it is comprised of several colleges,’ Chet dryly observed. ‘Thank you, professor,’ Billy B. smiled. ‘Where are the pretty girls,’ Gary S. inquired. ‘Cheese-It here comes one now…she is one of the Theatre students…I hear that she is in the play…Peter Pan and that she is portraying Wendy,’ Tommy C. said. ‘Greetings students of Hillcrest School…I am Wendy and soon we will take a magical journey…with Peter Pan,’ the actress said. ‘Why did the chicken cross the road,’ Gary S. asked Wendy. ‘Could it have been to get to the other side,’ Wendy replied. As Wendy walked to the large stage at the front of the Theatre…Gary S. said, ‘I am in love…’

The Wiz was smiling as he sat down with his new 4th-grade class. The house lights went down and the band began to play…and the scene opened with Wendy and her siblings and Peter Pan and Billy B. and Gary S. and Jane and Darryl and Tommy C. To their dismay they were no longer in the audience…they were in the Play…soon they were flying with Peter Pan…and Gary S. said…’I must remember to tell the pretty girls that I meet about this story…’

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