Autumn Is Coming

Seventy-four degrees feels a bit chilly after the heat wave we experienced this summer. I have often said that I feel a hint of fall in August. I spoke with my old friend Jeff who lives in the United Kingdom, yesterday. We had a lovely conversation and reminisced about our adventures across Europe last decade.

This summer has been full of my traveling to many small towns and villages in Southern Illinois. I have been snapping photos everywhere I go. I seldom saw people…it was too hot. I did see many proud communities that had been somewhat ravaged by the sluggish economy of Little Egypt.

Fall is my time of year. The cool days and the chilly nights are what I like. I love the changing of the leaves and Pumpkin Spice. Southern Illinois University will begin its Fall Semester next week. The beginning of the Fall Term never ceases to excite my mind and stir my emotions. SIUC is the Door of Opportunity for our entire region. During the over 32 years that I was employed at the University, I was energized by the plethora of opportunities that returned anew each Autumn. I recall so many years ago when my good friend Jackie B. was enrolled in the Accounting Program at SIUC. I had been working a variety of jobs after my graduation from Eldorado High School…and I was quickly finding that the doors that were open to me seemed limited by my education. Jackie B. on the other hand was moving forward on what appeared to be the road to success. Sadly Jackie B. chose to not attend college…and I ultimately did… part-time as I worked for the School.

As I spoke with Jeff Lestz…the years melted away. We have been friends for over 50 years. How time flies. I have been impressed with the slipping away of time and the joy of living every minute to its fullest. I remember conversations that Jeff and I had in the early 70s and they seem like yesterday… I reflected on the shortness of life when Jeff and my mutual friend Doug passed away just the other day. We plan on building bigger barns and never think that tonight our souls may be required of us.

Anger and hate and strife and violence have become commonplace in our country. We have become entrenched in our tribes and our political/religious dogma and many of us want to lash out against the world. Have you ever seen the movie, The Wicker Man? The movie illustrates a pagan ritual by an island community of offering a human sacrifice that they place in a giant Wicker Man. I wonder if we are seeking a sacrifice to offer up in a burning effigy of our own Wicker Man to ameliorate the frustrations of so many that have seemingly been forgotten by society. Mom used to say that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Join that frustration with the heated blatant lies that many people embrace as truth…and you have a Wicker Man that is waiting for a Match…

Hannah Arendt coined the term, ‘The banality of evil.’ Evil acts are not always perpetrated by evil people but often by bureaucrats dutifully obeying orders…according to Arendt. Safety in numbers or going along to get along…or is it fear of stepping out and saying that…’The Emporer has no clothes…’

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  1. favorite time of year πŸ‚πŸ

  2. It’s a wonderful season!

    1. It is indeed! 🍁

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