August Night

‘This is one of the most comfortable nights we have had this summer,’ Neva J. said as she sipped her red wine. ‘Well it is only 73 degrees and there is a touch of fall in the air…I think,’ noted Chet. ‘I tell you what there is a touch of…there is a touch of school in the air…I already have homework,’ Billy B. said with a wry grin. ‘The Wiz is pouring it on for the first week of school,’ Jane observed. ‘I am so excited about going to Kentucky Lake this Friday,’ Darryl said. ‘What do they have at Kentucky Lake,’ Jane asked. ‘I hear it is so beautiful and peaceful and serene,’ Neva J. responded. ‘Will they have cigars there,’ Billy B. asked with a mischievous laugh. Billy B. had been smoking Marlboro cigarettes around the house when he did not think Neva J. would notice and then spraying the smoking area with bug spray from the plunger sprayer. One time she caught him and said, ‘You silly kid…if you are going to smoke you might as well do it in front of me…and thus the smoking of Marlboros had ceased to be fun.

‘Brock and Marcy will be there as well as Jeb and Jaime,’ Chet said with gusto. ‘We will have a bushel of fun when we get together…I am going to go out on the Pontoon Boat,’ Jane declared. ‘I have been told that the Lake holds many secrets and mystery,’ Chet spoke softly. ‘There was a family from Eldorado that disappeared when they went on their Kentucky Lake vacation last year,’ Neva J. remarked. ‘Yes, the Willis family…Dennis and Lanny and Nelly…were our neighbors at one time,’ Billy B. said. The Willis family had rented a cottage on Kentucky Lake and pulled their John Boat behind their car to the Water. The Willis loved to fish and they loved Kentucky Lake. Nelly had a special recipe for frying fish that would cause it to melt in your mouth. They carried their shotgun with them everywhere that they went. Lanny and Dennis really did smoke little Italian Cigars and you seldom saw them without one in their mouths. The Willis did not ‘Cotton’ much to society and preferred to stay to themselves. They did seem to like Billy B. and Neva J… and Nelly often went to church with them. Her husband Harmon had given up on church many years ago. Neva J. called him Charmin Harmon…but he was anything but. They had a Junkyard all around their house and Charmin Harmon spent the preponderance of his time working on one old car or another. The raised skinny hogs. They were almost feral. They had a Hog Pond. Billy B. had joined Lanny and Dennis on more than one occasion…on very hot days…for a dip in the HP. So…when Nelly and Lanny and Dennis got a chance to take a holiday to Kentucky Lake that Lannys’ older brother Curtis paid for…they took it with glee. On the seventh night that they were at the Lake, they decided to take a late summer boat ride under the stars and a full moon shining on the water. You could see perfectly…they say…but there was the howling of coyotes in the distance. In the morning some people from the cabin next to the Willis cabin saw the John Boat floating in the middle of the inlet of the Lake that they were in…but no one was in the boat…upon closer inspection…there was a polaroid photo of two Feral Hogs…grinning…in the bottom of the Boat…

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