Kentucky Lake Time

‘We are going to have a grand time,’ said Neva J. as she announced, ‘Hit The Deck…You Rubbernecks!’ Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Darryl rubbed the sleep from their eyes and leaped out of their beds. ‘I can’t wait for a Pontoon Boat Ride,’ laughed Jane. ‘Is it the same Pontoon Boat that the Willis Family went missing from,’ asked Chet. ‘Indeed it is…and their bodies were never recovered,’ Darryl intoned. ‘They will not bother us…I have my Case Knife with me for our protection,’ Billy B. announced. ‘Be sure and pack the red wine,’ Neva J. reminded all.

‘Edgar Cayce was from Kentucky and I hear that he enjoyed visiting Kentucky Lake,’ Neva J. informed the group. ‘Edgar Cayce is your constant companion…Neva J…you are fascinated with him…a bit, Chet observed. ‘Edgar was born in Christian County Kentucky and buried in Hopkinsville, Kentucky,’ Darryl noted. ‘Many believe Mr. Cayce to be a founder of the New Age Movement,’ Jane added. ‘If Edgar Cayce were still alive perhaps he could tell us what happened to the Willis Family,’ Chet said. ‘Oh…I see him from time to time when I look into my bedroom full-length antique mirror,’ Neva J. replied nonchalantly. ‘You all do recall that we have taken more than one mysterious journey through Neva J.s Magic Looking Glass…right,’ Chet asked. ‘Before we load the 57′ Chevy… let us look into your mirror…Neva J…and see what we can see,’ Jane suggested. As the Kentucky Lake Travellers peered into the massive mirror…looking back at them was Nelly Willis. ‘Have you folks arrived at the Lake yet,’ Nelly asked. ‘We like it so well…we decided to stay…I do not think that Harmon ever knew that we left,’ Nelly laughed. ‘Nelly…did you know that the Eldorado Police are still looking for you and Dennis and Lanny and that you are considered missing persons,’ Neva J. asked. ‘Well no one seemed to know us when we were in Eldorado and now that we are gone…we figured that no one would miss us,’ Nelly replied. ‘Well…where are you and the guys now,’ Billy B. inquired. ‘It is the funniest story…we were night fishing in the John Boat that we pulled behind our car when two of our hogs that we had raised in Eldorado…swam out to greet us.’ ‘Now to say that we were amazed would be an understatement…then they began to talk and inform us that Harmon had put a hit out on the three of us in order to inherit the insurance money and that we were in danger,’ Nelly said with a little laugh. ‘The pigs then said for us to follow them to an underwater secret tunnel where we could travel back in time to the Kentucky Lake of 100 years ago,’ Nelly continued. ‘So you are now at Kentucky Lake,’ asked Neva J. ‘Yes, but in 1863…not 1963…did you find the Polaroid of the Pigs,’ Nelly asked. ‘Yes…but what was that about,’ Chet asked. ‘The Eldorado Police could not make heads or tails of it,’ Billy B. laughed. ‘Well we always knew that they were smart hogs…but when Elmer Pig asked us to snap a Polaroid of him and Eskell…to leave in the John Boat…I was flabbergasted,’ Nelly said. ‘Elmer said that the photo would throw the Police off of the trail and would be an object of conversation around many dinner tables…especially when they were eating…ham…’

Kentucky Lake was everything that Neva J. had heard about it through the years. It seemed to go on forever and never end. The air was cool there…all of the time. She and Jane and Billy B. and Chet and Darryl ate fish almost every day. Sometimes she missed the 57′ Chevy…but she loved their horses…Brownie and Fred…and Moonshine was delicious…

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