Everywhere Is Fun When You Are With Your Family

MJ and I and Aaron and Jonathon enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our lovely family. We spent the weekend on Kentuck Lake with Marcy, Brock, Jaime, Morgan, and Jeb. They treated us like Royalty! In fact, the time that we spent with each of them was so enjoyable that I am already ready to do it again. I grew up as an only child and did not know about Brock until 2012. Brock makes a Burger that will melt in your mouth…two of them melted in mine. He can do anything and I so admire his accomplishments! I think of Marcy as my sister and not my sister-in-law. She is an inspiration to me! Her love for Brock, Jaime, Morgan, and Jeb is something to behold. Jaime is my buddy. Morgan is so sharp-witted and accomplished in more than one area…but her dog-rearing skills captured my imagination. Jeb has the dry sense of humor that I aspire to achieve..but he accomplishes it with the ease of a professional. They have enriched mine and MJ and Aaron and Jonathon’s lives.

I lean towards the mystical, mysterious, and spiritual and was amazed when I saw a painting in the cottage that we were staying in of a boat without a passenger floating on Kentucky Lake. I had written a short story about such a boat that had no passengers and was found floating in an inlet of Kentucky Lake last Thursday and Friday…which was the day that we drove to the Cottage. Of course, I had not seen the painting that hung over the mantel.

Kentucky Lake is a Go-To Destination in Southern Illinois. I have heard my friends and colleagues speak of it all of my life. The beauty of the Lake is mesmerizing. The Lake is not only relaxing but a good place to jet ski and play frisbee. It is an ideal location to enjoy a Brocks’ Special Hamburger. or Marcys’ Delicious Banana Pudding. Aaron and I found it a perfect spot for a cigar break. Claw and Cayman Jack visited us…and we enjoyed their company.

Saturday night we played the most enjoyable card game that I have ever participated in. I have never enjoyed losing…so much…

4 responses

  1. What a fabulous tale and great photos. I love that you wrote about the boat before you saw it.

    1. I was a bit surprised when I saw the painting.

  2. Quite the synchronicity, the empty boats! I’m curious ~ have you happened to notice those on the increase, here lately?

  3. Not so much but I was surprised to see the painting. 😯

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