Kentucky Lake…Redux

I am still suffering the pain of having to say goodbye to my beloved family…when I had no more than said…hello. We had not seen Marcy and Brock for over three years…and much longer than that for Jaime and Morgan and Jeb. As I was soaking in the love…suddenly it was time to go…was it all a dream…

Growing up an only child…I wondered if I would ever see any of my brothers and sisters. Mom and Dad divorced when I was six years old. I watched the light in the eyes of each of my family as we played a funny card game and heard MJ laugh as I haven’t heard for some time…I knew that I was home.

We all need each other much more than we will admit to or realize. When we look into the eyes of our loved ones…we see their soul…and they reveal ours…

Aaron and Jonathon love their uncle Brock and aunt Marcy. I relished seeing them so animated and happy and at home with their family. Morgan and Jeb are inspiring. They are not only a lovely couple…they are impressive in their accomplishments and their humor and their quick wit. I could listen to them talk for hours.

When I consider all of the theological discourse that I have heard and my own study of faith and religion and church for over 50 years…I realize that one sentence of Christ covers it all…’ Love one another as I have loved you.’

5 responses

  1. This is a wonderful writing and photos telling the story of an incredible time!

  2. Oh my goodness!we have so much in common. I too studied and researched theology and lectured. I also have lost all my family. I too have studied Christs words throughout my life and have come to the same place as you that it is love that matters, i am sure we could talk for hours

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