Hurry Up…September

‘Well it has not been quite as hot in the classroom this week…so far,’ Jane remarked. ‘Part of the reason is that The Wiz brought in his giant floor fan from his home and pointed it at all of us as we sit through Social Studies,’ Chet added. ‘Next week September begins and I can not wait for it to arrive,’ Billy B. exuded. ‘I think that we should go to Pounds Hollow tomorrow as school is canceled for Thursday and Friday for the Teachers’ Workshop,’ Darryl suggested. ‘You know that is a great idea and especially in view of the fact that Labor Day is September 4th and then Pounds Hollow will be closed for the season,’ said Neva J. ‘I have always wondered what happens at Pounds Hollow during the Off Season,’ Chet asked. ‘Mr. Mimo, who runs Mimo’s Pizza says that during the time that the Hollow is closed…the Creature From The Black Lagoon comes out of his watery home and lives on the sandy beach of PH,’ Billy B. noted. ‘Well…John at the Orpheum said that all of the Halloween Monsters live at the Hollow and enjoy the Holidays there,’ Darryl remarked. ‘John said that Earl told him that one late fall he was working on some electrical lines that are in the Bathhouse and Frankenstein came out and offered him a beer…as well as trunks and a beach towel if he wanted to go swimming…and when Earl remarked that it was a bit too cold for a swim…Frankenstein laughed and said that he threw a little girl in the Pond one time and she did not like it either,’ Billy B. continued. ‘Then…as if that were not enough strange things at Pounds Hollow…Earl said that when he opened the floor freezer in the kitchen of the concession area…there before him was Dracula…and when he opened his eyes he said for Earl to not forget to turn out the light when he left,’ Billy B. laughed.

Spirits were especially high Thursday morning as Neva J. drove the 57′ Chevy Convertable to Pounds Hollow. She had packed the picnic basket with all of their favorite items and enough red wine to truly say goodbye to the summer. Today they were not only going to swim but also kayak and go out in a pontoon boat. Indeed this was an adventure in the making. Billy B. had borrowed his cousin Genes’ Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask and the Creature Hands that went with it. Darryl was coming as Frankenstein and Chet as the Robot from Lost In Space…mainly because he had the full costume and could imitate the Robot to perfection. What they did not realize is that Darryl had planned a surprise for them upon their arrival.

‘Our Halloween Celebration has come early this year…and I could not be more pleased,’ Jane smiled from ear to ear. ‘I have always said that once September begins…it is a slippery slide to the end of the year…and I love to slide,’ Billy B. intoned. ‘The promise of the leaves soon falling in all of their brilliant colors and hot chocolate and apple cider and crisp cool days…is overwhelming,’ Neva J. said as she poured another glass of red wine. As the sun began to set…it suddenly became noticeably cooler…almost cold. ‘Good evening my friends…it appears that you are enjoying the last of the Summer Wine,’ the man dressed in all black with a cape about his shoulders…said. ‘Why yes we are…and how about yourself…would you like a glass of Merlot,’ asked Neva J. ‘I never drink…wine,’ the mysterious guest remarked. ‘I am the Park Ranger and I work the night shift…have any of you seen any Stranger Things…’ the cultivated odd man asked. ‘Well…we came for an early beginning of the fall holiday…with the knowledge that we would be prohibited from doing so after Labor Day due to the Park closing,’ Chet answered. ‘Oh we never close…to our friends…just come after dark and I will let you in to swim or camp…or tell ghost stories by the campfire,’ said the pale man with the peculiar smile…

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