I Saw The Chancellor On A Bicycle

Each of us longtimers at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale knows that former University President Delyte Morris and his lovely wife Dorothy rode their bicycles around Campus for many years…and they connected with all of the University Community. Delyte and Dorothy were Mother and Father figures to our University Family. I have known Chancellors who would not respond to emails I sent them. Trust me…the University succeeds when the Community feels like family. Although I have never met the Chancellor…I have emailed him a handful of times and he has not only responded rapidly…but with very warm and heartfelt comments. His care for the Campus Family…shows…

When I was given the opportunity to serve as a manager/administrator for Building Services my goal was to set my colleagues free. We had worked under significant manmade stress that was uncalled for and unnecessary. We had so many rules…and rule changes…that it was a herculean task to simply provide clean buildings for our University Community. My simple management philosophy was that if I took care of my colleagues… excellent work would follow. It should not be emotionally traumatic and mentally taxing to your job. We should not shed tears due to the games people play. Work can and is enjoyable if management and administration facilitate a happy surrounding.

Church and faith and all that accompanies the religious experience ought to be freeing and enriching and a Balm of Gilead for the souls of the congregation. So many of the rules and regulations of many churches are dreamed up by men with control anxiety. All of us will be surprised when we meet God…it will be a much more enjoyable experience than what small-minded church leaders have led us to believe…

The Naked Pastor has some of the most insightful cartoons regarding the Grand Canyon of difference in what Jesus taught…and what men and women…Moneychangers In The Temple…are demanding their flocks…

God told Moses to tell Pharoh…’Let My People Go…

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      1. You are welcome. I also liked the story you posted

      2. You are too kind, my friend.

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