It is DuQuoin State Fair time again in Little Egypt. I walked the streets of DuQuoin City this morning and found a unique peace in my visit. My spring and summer project of taking photos across Southern Illinois continues. I sat alone in a lovely and amazingly cool pavilion that the people of DuQuoin had constructed. There was wonderful rod-iron seating and a soothing fountain and reflection on the good people that constructed the magnificent buildings on the Town Square. Some of them have fallen into disrepair but there seems to be a concerted effort to restore and maintain the historic Town. I thought of the good and hardworking people of DuQuoin that worked diligently to have magnificent architecture adorning their precious Town. Former generations built for the future. At one point a man, not much younger than me, rode past on his bicycle and bid me good morning, and remarked what a wonderful day it was. Since I have retired I make myself sit and look deeply at what is surrounding me. People demonstrate their hearts through their work. The lovely buildings of DuQuoin illustrate the good hearts of her residents. We need to be a bit more like the Tortise than the Hare of the famous fable. Let us take time to see the miracles around us…let us take time to hear our family as they speak from their souls…to us.

My good blogger friend told me that she was amazed at how similar our life experiences had been. She noted that she had studied theology for many years as I had. She mentioned that she had lectured on the subject…while I have spoken often in Church in my younger years…however I have never formally lectured. Faith and the study thereof have been my overwhelming passion for over 50 years. I did officiate at numerous funerals…again in my younger days. As a young man I had a deep desire to become a minister…but doubted that I was fully up to the task. My friend’s blog can be found at blindwilderness.wordpress and she is one of the most insightful writers regarding subjects that many shy away from discussing… her writings have been an encouragement to me.

Encouraging is what I have set my sail to be. Life brings us many discouragements and reversals and disappointments. I have a dark side…but I try not to let the Old Man In… The folks that I remember are the folks that encouraged me…and their words made all of the difference. When I read my friends’ writings I think…what an unconquerable spirit. Churches do not understand what they are missing. Both within their congregations…and outside their four walls are members of our human family that know God. I am not referring to some religious doctrine or dogma…they really are acquainted with the Creator…The Great Spirit…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So often we are like the rich man who wants to build bigger barns. We feel unloved and forsaken…while our Guardian Angel stands next to us. We feel somewhat forgotten when the magnificence of our Universe envelops us. We travel through this dreamscape of life wondering what our ultimate reality is to be.

Hateful and hurtful and spiteful and seeking revenge and redress for all of the wrongs that have been bestowed upon us…rather perceived or real…is the road to depression and destruction. Seek the soaring of spirit and the beauty of love…for peace…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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