‘Maine is just two weeks away,’ said Chet with a sly grin. ‘I am excited about this trip…and the next one with Brock and Marcy and perhaps Morgan and Jeb,’ Billy B. said with glee! ‘We had such a good time with them at Kentucky Lake…I wish we could be with them every day,’ Jane said. ‘That Frisbee game gave me a heck of a workout,’ JB exclaimed! ‘I loved riding Jebs’ Jet Ski and smoking a cigar with Billy B.,’ AB laughed. ‘Morgan is witty and refreshing with her candor and humor,’ Billy B. noted. ‘I love to hear about her work with dogs…and I admire her dedication to her avocation,’ Jane remarked.

‘The card game that Marcy brought was more fun than a barrel of monkeys,’ AB said with a smile. ‘I have not laughed so hard in many years,’ Jane commented…I am ordering that game for home. ‘I lost every hand…and never enjoyed a game more…it was so wonderful to see everyone so happy and joyful and laughing heartily,’ Chet remarked. ‘Marcys’ Banana Pudding was to die for,’ Billy B. said as he licked his lips. ‘Uncle Brock makes a burger like I have never experienced…it melts in your mouth,’ JB said with a wistful look. ‘It seemed that time stood still for a little while,’ AB said softly.

‘The painting of the lone boat with no passengers in it floating in an inlet of Kentucky Lake bowled me away…I stared at it and wished that we could all be together all of the time…and suddenly we were all living on the Lake in Tennessee,’ said Billy B.with a spiritual look in his eyes. ‘Brock and I had gotten another tattoo and we were sipping White Claws and Rye Whiskey and even some Moonshine,’ Billy B. said in a whisper. ‘Morgan let us help her with her Dog Enterprise and Jaime told us wonderful stories of our new home…’

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