A Wonderful Debut Of Our Church Choir…And Troll Doll Hunting

Our Church Choir at First Presbyterian in Carbondale debuted this morning…and I was blessed. It has been a while since I heard our Choir sing due to Our Pandemic. This morning sounded like music from heaven. Our Choir Director Carlyn Zimmerman is a consummate professional. She has such a welcoming spirit and a lovely voice… she compels the congregation’s rapt attention. This morning I saw what we had been missing as the wonderful college students sang for us along with members of our congregation. Jonathon said that next week he must attend services in person rather than by Zoom…and I agree…

When I was a child…Troll Dolls were all of the rages. It seemed that I saw them everywhere that I went. They are little dolls with funny faces and hair that sticks straight up and is multicolored. I discovered that my favorite store, Electric Larrys, had a vintage Troll Doll for sale…and off I went to purchase it. We were holidaying with my brother Brock and Marcy, who is like my sister, and Jaime and Morgan and Jeb. Jaime is collecting Vintage Troll Dolls…I have my mission.

‘Although troll folklore existed for centuries, Thomas Dam, a Danish woodcutter is considered to be the father of the very first troll doll as we know them today. Dam dolls were created in 1959 and spread to the U.S. in the early ’60s. Google

Sunday is a good day. I feel better on Sunday. I feel enriched on Sunday when I can hear our wonderful Church Choir and find a Vintage Troll Doll…for Jaime…

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